How to use NSW travel concessions

NSW travel concessions can be used on most state, and some privately, operated services.

Services that use school student concessions

Students can access concession fares with the following transport services:

  • Sydney Trains (concession available for the additional Station Access Fee for entry at Airport Link stations)
  • Sydney Metro
  • Regular, local bus route services (government and private)
  • Sydney and Newcastle Ferries
  • NSW TrainLink and coach services

Private transport operators don’t have to follow these concession rules but may choose to, or apply their own concessions. Students should check before they travel with private ferry operators e.g. fast ferries between Manly, Circular Quay and Darling Harbour.

Concessions may be restricted, for example up until 30 years of age or only for certain times of travel. This also applies to light rail and long distance interstate coach services.

Concessions aren’t generally available on special and premium, charter, special event or tourism services.

Services that use Regional excursion daily tickets (RED)

The RED is an all day multi-ride ticket for use on bus services provided under Rural and Regional Bus Service Contract B. This includes:

  • regular passenger routes and some school routes
  • routes that cross into a metropolitan or outer metropolitan area.

The RED ticket is not valid on CountryLink rail or bus services. It also cannot be used on any service operated under an outer metropolitan or metropolitan Bus System Contract, even if it travels into a rural and regional area.