Transport for NSW is responsible for contracting passenger ferry services throughout the state.

The state's ferry services are provided by both State Government and privately-owned operators.

Ferries operate on major waterways, including Sydney Harbour and its tributaries, Pittwater, Brisbane Waters, Port Hacking and the Hunter, Clarence and Hawkesbury Rivers.

Ferry operator licensing

Ferry operators must hold a contract from Transport for NSW, which sets out its responsibilities in terms of delivering passenger services. Operators must also comply with the Passenger Transport Act and relevant regulations and guidelines.

Ferries services must adhere to marine legislation and regulations for commercial vessel operators, as managed by Roads and Maritime Services.

For information about ferry operator licencing, contact Transport for NSW's Services Division on (02) 9891 8900.

Ferry route register

Register of Exclusive Rights 1
ContractHolderTimetable span 3DaysRoute wharvesRoute map 2
NCF001Sealink (Captain Cook)07:00-19:38M-FCircular Quay, Kirribilli, Jeffrey Street, Birchgrove, Grenwich Point, Bay Street, Northwood, Longueville, Hunters Hill, Lane Cove, Pier 26 Darling HarbourRoute NCF001 map (PDF, 432.54 KB)
F001Rogan Holdings (Cronulla)05:30-19:00DailyCronulla, BundeenaRoute F001 map (PDF, 217.42 KB)
F002Clarence River Ferries08:45-16:45DailyIluka, Yamba, Route F002 map (PDF, 153.77 KB)
F003Riverside Marine (Palm Beach Ferries)07:45-20:10DailyPalm Beach, Bennetts, Bonnie Doon, The Basin, Currawong Beach, Great Mackerel BeachRoute F003 map (PDF, 115.32 KB)
F004Lovett Bay Holdings (Church Point Ferry)08:20-19:05DailyChurch Point, Bell (Vivian Street), Carols (Richard Road), Eastern (Lowanna Street), Tennis Court (Pitt View Street), Halls (YHA), Lovett Bay, Elvina BayRoute F004 map (PDF, 197.06 KB)
F007Coast Charter Boat (Central Coast Ferry)06:30-19:20DailyWoy Woy, Veterans hall, Lintern Street, Central, Pine Avenue, Empire BayRoute F007 map (PDF, 202.14 KB)

1. This Register is kept in accordance with Passenger Transport Act 2014 No 46 Part 3 Division 1 Section 40

40 Exclusive rights

  • (1) A passenger service contract may confer on the operator of a bus service, ferry service or rail passenger service the exclusive right to operate a service conducted according to regular routes and timetables or according to regular routes and at regular intervals in the area or route to which the contract applies.
  • (2) An exclusive right granted under a contract under this section does not affect any right to provide the following bus, ferry or rail passenger services in the same area or on the same route:
    • (a) a service conducted according to one or more regular routes, in which each passenger is transported for a distance of not less than 40 kilometres,
    • (b) a tourist service.
  • (3) The following are specifically authorised by this Act for the purposes of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 of the Commonwealth and the Competition Code of New South Wales:
    • (a) any passenger service contract or other agreement containing a provision authorised by this section or giving effect to a provision of this section,
    • (b) the entering or making of any such contract or agreement,
    • (c) conduct authorised or required by or under the terms or conditions of any such contract or agreement.
  • (4) Conduct authorised by subsection (3) is authorised only to the extent (if any) that it would otherwise contravene Part IV of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 of the Commonwealth and the Competition Code of New South Wales.
  • (5) TfNSW is to cause a register to be kept of all exclusive rights in force under a term of a contract that is authorised under this section and is to make that register publicly available.

2. Route Map - The route map is indicative and for illustrative purposes only.
3. Timetable Span - A list of current timetables is available at https://transportnsw.info/routes#/

Send enquiries to ferries@transport.nsw.gov.au

Drug and alcohol guidelines for ferry operators

The Guidelines promote a consistent approach across the ferry sector to managing the risks posed by drug and alcohol use. All services managed by Transport for NSW – bus and coach, train, regional air, taxi and hire cars – are bound by strict drug and alcohol laws, for the safety and welfare of employees and passengers.

The Guidelines state the context in which drug and alcohol testing will take place but do not prescribe the basis of that testing or how it is to be administered.