Freight Policy Reform Program


The Freight Policy Reform Program will ultimately deliver a comprehensive strategic reform agenda and action plan to optimise freight transport in NSW. 

The movement of freight requires an integrated and holistic approach with seamless connections between the different aspects of the supply chain.  

Now is the time to deliver a comprehensive strategic reform agenda, including identification of short, medium and long term actions for Government to optimise freight transport to benefit NSW communities.

This reform program will involve policy reviews relating to different parts of the freight system, particularly in relation to road, rail and ports. Critical facilities connecting and supporting the supply chain such as intermodals and industrial lands will also be considered, recognising they play a part in connecting the movement of goods across the network. 

The NSW Government will develop guiding policy principles in relation to:   

  • the role of the NSW Government, Federal Government and industry 
  • optimising the operations of the commercial ports in NSW 
  • supporting metropolitan and regional intermodal terminals and other enabling transport infrastructure 
  • the road and rail network   
  • embedding freight considerations into transport planning, prioritisation and investment decisions including securing industrial land.    

These guiding principles will be used to inform the development of short, medium and long-term actions that will be driven by the NSW Government in collaboration with industry and the Federal Government.

The reform program will consider the outcomes from the Independent Reviews and other priorities once published, including: 

*In relation to the recommendations of the Independent Review of PAMA and PBLIS it is noted the 16 recommendations relating to the PAMA Act will be progressed towards implementation; of the 21 recommendations relating to PBLIS, 20 are subject to further consultation before Government responds to the recommendation and 1 recommendation will not be adopted.  The review was commenced in 2021 with the report received by the NSW Government in 2023. Through the Freight Policy Reform Program, industry will be consulted on 20 of the 21 recommendations of the Independent Review relating to PBLIS, except the recommendation for the administration of PBLIS to be undertaken by NSW Ports.  The NSW Government has rejected this recommendation as it is considered appropriate that this function remain within Government.


To support the development of this significant freight reform program, an independent advisory panel (Panel) has been established.  

The Panel has been appointed by and will report to the Minister for Transport and will be a source of independent advice and assurance on the policy reform. 

The Panel will work closely with Transport for NSW in the development of all key documents and consultation as part of the policy reform. 

Panel members


There will be stakeholder consultation undertaken as part of this program. It is intended that the first phase of consultation will occur early this year.


DocumentDate published
Media release25 January 2024

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