Super single tyres

Super single tyres, also known as wide-based tyres, were introduced in the early 1980s. These tyres are known for providing improved off-road driving capabilities and can potentially reduce impact on pavement.

How it works

Super singles can be installed by replacing the rear dual tyres in heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Super singles are made of rubber (reinforced with nylon and steel), kevlar, and other synthetic materials to enhance strength and durability.


  • Super single tyres offer safe, comfortable, and easy off-road driving through snow, mud, and sand.
  • This technology improves vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, cargo capacity, and reduces maintenance needs. Reduced fuel consumption leads to lower emissions which is environmentally beneficial.
  • Overall tyre weight is reduced by replacing dual with wide single tyres which offers more payload capacity by vehicle.
  • Super single tyres eliminate the need for hard-to-reach tyre pressure monitoring and effects of uneven pressure between tyres.

Implications for operations:

  • In the event of a flat tyre, these tyres do not have a built-in backup and operator cannot drive to a service station. On road assistance to overcome this issue can lead to high repair costs
  • In case of failure, super single tyres can cause load to shift.
  •  Although the market for super single technology is specialised and in its infancy; based on GVM, operational, and terrain requirements, customised super single kits manufacturing options are available in Australia.