Marine Pilotage Code

Pilotage is the service by skilled professionals to navigate a vessel into, within or out of port waters.

The Port Authority of New South Wales provides pilotage services at NSW ports.

The NSW Marine Pilotage Code is developed under the Marine Safety Regulation 2016 and deals with qualification, training and health requirements for marine pilots, including a code of conduct. It also contains requirements for marine pilotage exemption certificates and certificates of local knowledge.

First issued in 2011 in two parts, the NSW Marine Pilotage Code (PDF, 4.95 MB) was consolidated and revised in 2022. It was developed with input from Harbour Masters, and marine pilot representatives from the pilotage ports of NSW, the Australian Maritime Officers Union and the Australasian Marine Pilots Institute.

A health assessment standard for marine pilots information sheet (PDF, 423.91 KB) outlines the most significant changes to the Health Assessment Standard included in the revised NSW Marine Pilotage Code.


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