Marine Pilotage Code

Pilotage is the service to navigate a vessel into, within or out of port waters.

The Port Authority of New South Wales provides pilotage services at NSW ports.

Transport for NSW develops and maintains the NSW Marine Pilotage Code (under the Marine Safety Regulation 2016) which includes a code of conduct and health requirements for marine pilots.

The code was developed with input from Harbour Masters, and marine pilot representatives from the pilotage ports of NSW, and the Australian Maritime Officers Union.

The code is in two volumes:

Marine Pilotage Code Volume One (PDF, 678.48 KB): contains general information and the requirements for qualification, initial training and ongoing training of marine pilots, exempt masters and holders of certificates of local knowledge.

Marine Pilotage Code Volume Two (PDF, 393.8 KB): addresses the health requirements for marine pilots and includes the Standard for Health Assessment of Marine Pilots (NSW).