Heavy vehicle road safety

Transport for NSW works with the freight and heavy transport industry and other government agencies to improve road safety outcomes for all road users when driving or interacting with heavy vehicles.

This work includes decisions about how we maintain and upgrade infrastructure, how we operate and regulate the road network, as well as working on projects to bring about positive changes to road user behaviours.

Road crash analysis - high risk factors

The NSW Government is committed to making NSW roads the safest in the country. Reducing the incidence of fatalities and serious injuries resulting from crashes involving heavy vehicles is critical to achieving this objective.

View motor vehicle licensing and registration statistics.

For information on motor vehicle use in Australia and other surveys, please visit the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) website.

For more information on crash statistics, please visit the Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety website.

For the most recent information on NSW heavy vehicle fatal crashes, including a 12 month history and road user involvement, please see the weekly report published by the Centre for Road Safety.

Tips on sharing the road with oversize vehicles

Have you ever driven alongside or behind an oversize vehicle on our state roads? With wind farms being built all over NSW, there's a good chance you have. This video shows you what to do if you see a pilot, escorting vehicle or oversize vehicle while driving.

The NHVR’s Chain of Responsibility gap assessment tool

Through a series of practical questions, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator's CoR Gap Assessment Tool enables you to examine your business practices and systems controls against known risks and recognised best practice.

Safety starts with you

SafeWork NSW has developed resources to provide practical advice, making it easy to manage safety in your workplace.


'Be Truck Aware' campaign

The Centre for Road Safety’s ‘Be Truck Aware’ campaign highlights the importance of taking extra care around trucks, especially if you live, work or travel in Sydney.

Road Safety Plan 2021

The Road Safety Plan 2021 features targeted proven initiatives that address the types of crashes on NSW roads.

Real-time road apps

There are several real-time road apps that you can chose from. These apps are designed to help you minimise your travel time by planning your route and by providing alternative routes in case of congestion.