Registration certification of new heavy trailers in NSW

There has been changes to the way registration may be established for new heavy trailers in NSW.

The new process allows manufacturers and distributors, including those based interstate, to certify their product rather than obtaining a NSW heavy vehicle inspection report.

For this purpose the trailer must have an Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) over 4.5 tonnes and be fitted with an Identification Plate (Compliance Plate) in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (Commonwealth).

The New Heavy Vehicle Certification form has been designed to:

  • reduce the need to double up on information in the existing registration application
  • cope with multiple like trailers, and
  • waive the need to obtain a NSW heavy vehicle inspection report or present a weighbridge ticket for each unit.

Transport for NSW has worked with heavy vehicle industry representatives to develop a streamlined registration process for customers, with the aim to ensure their new heavy trailers can be used on the road much quicker.

For more information on registration for heavy vehicles generally, see: