Cattle underpass scheme (CUPS)

The NSW Department of Primary Industries’ Cattle Underpass Scheme (CUPS) has reopened for a second round of funding, targeting dairy farmers.

Both cattle underpasses and warning flashing lights and signs are eligible for grants of up to fifty percent of the cost to a maximum of $100,000 or $20,000 respectively.

Transport for NSW provides the following supporting documentation:

Drawing of Livestock underpass - local roads

Drawing of Livestock underpass - main roads

Drawing of Recommended signage layout for Permanent Stock Crossing (PDF, 147.87 KB)

Diagram for flashing lights warning sign W5-240-1 (PDF, 288.52 KB)

Diagram for warning sign W5-381n (PDF, 68.81 KB) 

TSI-SP-063 Conspicuity Enhancement System for Static Sign (PDF, 135.09 KB) - specifications document to be used in conjunction with the W5-240-1 drawing

For further assistance, please contact the CUPS coordinator on 0436 400 945.