Pesticide use

Transport for NSW uses pesticides where necessary to control weeds and pest animals, protect public property from pest damage, and protect the use of public places from nuisance or danger. The term ‘pesticides’ includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, termiticides and rodenticides.

Transport for NSW ensures pesticides are applied to public places in a safe, responsible manner, minimising harm to the community and the environment.

Pesticide use notification plan

Transport for NSW has prepared a Pesticide Use Notification Plan (the plan) in accordance with the requirements of the Pesticides Regulation 2017. The plan sets out how Transport for NSW, our operating agencies and delivery partners will notify the community of pesticide application in public places that Transport for NSW operates or maintains, across NSW.

This includes (but is not limited to) application of pesticides at railway stations, roadsides, roadside rest areas and light rail stations.

The plan describes:

  • What public places are covered by the plan.
  • Who regularly uses these public places and an estimate of the level of use
  • How and when the community will be informed about pesticide applications in public places (i.e. what notification arrangements will be used).
  • How the community can access the plan and get more information.
  • Contact details for anyone wanting more information on the plan.

The plan is available to download (PDF, 585.07 KB) on this webpage and hardcopies can be viewed at the Transport for NSW head office concierge, 231 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000.

Notice of the plan

Notice is hereby given, under section 43 of the Pesticides Regulation 2017, that Transport for NSW has prepared a pesticide use notification plan, which operates across NSW, and is available for viewing on the Transport for NSW website and Transport for NSW head office concierge (231 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000).

For further information please contact

Dated: 24 February 2023


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Transport for NSW Pesticide Use Notification Plan (PDF, 585.07 KB)

Approved pesticides list May 2023 (PDF, 676.72 KB)