Sydney Harbour Tunnel

The Sydney Harbour Tunnel is a critical and iconic asset for the people of NSW. As part of the Sydney Orbital Network, the tunnel lets motorists cross from one side of Sydney Harbour to the other, by linking the Warringah Freeway at North Sydney with the Cahill Expressway at the entrance to the Domain Tunnel in Sydney's CBD.

A dual carriageway with two lanes for each direction, the tunnel is just under 2.3 kilometres from the northern portals to the southern portals (entrances/exits). The Sydney Harbour Tunnel is made up of three sections: twin 900-metre land tunnels on the north shore, twin 400-metre land tunnels on the south shore and a 960-metre immersed tube across the harbour. The tube consists of eight concrete units.

Construction of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel started in February 1988 and it opened to traffic in August 1992.

The Sydney Harbour Tunnel is located on the traditional land and waterways of the Gadigal and Cammeraygal peoples of the Eora Nation.


Through a 15-year contract with the New South Wales Government that commenced in 2022, Ventia manages, operates and maintains the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, and operates the Domain Tunnel, for Transport for NSW. Ventia has provided asset management services for multiple motorway tunnels across Australia. The company aims to deliver effective and timely maintenance for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, maximising its availability for motorists.

Traffic conditions

Live Traffic NSW provides real-time information about incidents and changes in traffic conditions that may affect your journey.

To view real-time traffic conditions for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, go to LiveTraffic NSW.

Closures and road works

Full and partial closures of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel are required for scheduled maintenance and road works. A detour via the Sydney Harbour Bridge is available during a full closure of the tunnel. During a partial closure, one lane is closed and the other lane is available to motorists. Please drive according to the posted speed limit as maintenance workers may be in the tunnel.

When there is a vehicle breakdown, incident or accident in the tunnel, a full or partial closure may be necessary without prior notice. To view real-time traffic conditions for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, go to LiveTraffic NSW.

Upcoming planned closures:

Full Closures
11:00pm - 5:00am AEST, Thursday - Friday, 29 - 30 SeptemberNorthbound and SouthboundThe Sydney Harbour Tunnel will be closed in both directions from 11:00pm Thursday 29 September to 5:00am Friday 30 September.


Partial (One Lane) Closures
9:00pm - 4:30am AEST, Monday - Thursday, 26 - 29 SeptemberNorthbound and SouthboundOne lane of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel will be closed in both directions from 9:00pm to 4:30am between Monday 26 and Thursday 29 September.

Information about upcoming Sydney Harbour Tunnel full and partial closures is also provided on LiveTraffic NSW.

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The Sydney Harbour Tunnel has electronic tolling, and you will need an electronic tag or pass to use the tunnel. To find out how to purchase an electronic tag or pass, please visit


Ensuring customer journeys are safe and efficient is vital to the operation of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.

The Sydney Harbour Tunnel has safety features including incident detection and fire safety systems, emergency phones, public address radio, emergency exits and real-time electronic message signs.

Tunnel operations are monitored from Ventia’s control room and the Transport Management Centre.

If your vehicle breaks down or you have an accident in the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, the incident will be detected through safety cameras and monitoring systems. Driver Aid Services will respond immediately to provide assistance.

Please turn your vehicle’s radio on while driving through the tunnel. Safety and emergency information may be transmitted by control room operators interrupting a radio station broadcast.

Height clearance

The Sydney Harbour Tunnel’s height clearance is 4.4 metres. Do not enter the tunnel if you are driving an over-height vehicle. A detection system is used to help stop over-height vehicles from entering the tunnel.

Environmental management

Ventia manages the Sydney Harbour Tunnel for Transport for NSW in accordance with an Environment Protection Licence issued by the NSW Environment Protection Authority. Information available to the community as a requirement of the Licence is found here on the Ventia website.

Contact and feedback

For more information, or to make an enquiry or complaint about the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, please contact:

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