Project overview

Interloop is an architectural installation paying homage to Wynyard’s historical legacy, while bringing the poetic and the exceptional to everyday journeys.

Commissioned in 2017, Interloop is a reconfiguration of the decommissioned heritage York St escalators, the last wooden escalator in the network. Incorporating 244 original treads and 4 combs from the original, the work is suspended above the new escalators on York Street at Wynyard Station.

Artist Chris Fox works across the intersection of installation art and architectural practice, and has brought this innovative perspective in creating Interloop, re-animating this relic of the past, recalling Sydney’s history while looking to the future.

This installation has added to Wynyard station’s profile as a contemporary transport hub, bringing delightful and unexpected experiences to commuters.

Some facts about Interloop:

  • 50 metres long
  • Incorporates 244 wooden treads and four combs from the station's original wooden escalators
  • Weighs more than 5 tonnes
  • Contains over a kilometre of welding in its construction
  • The design and engineering process took 6 months
  •  Fabrication occurred over 12 weeks

Find out more about the history behind the last wooden escalators on the network.

Artist Statement

Chris Fox’s artwork entitled ‘Interloop’ incorporates 244 treads and four ‘Otis’ comb plates into a five-tonne three dimensional suspended sculpture. It magically plays with the idea of continuous motion and connected journeys. Well known to Sydney commuters and visitors, riding the old wooden escalators was a sensory experience; the hum of the motors, the vibration of the steps, the constant motion and the warmth of the wood. Since its opening, the artwork has captured the imagination of Sydney, and, just like the old escalators, commuters and visitors will continue to step into history and be swept away.

The work of Chris Fox interrogates the conceptual and material boundaries between art and architecture, altering sites through installation,
‘Escalation Sensation’ chronicles the history of the last operational wooden railway escalators in Australia.