Automatic Train Protection


Project overview

Transport for NSW is improving safety across the electrified rail network by delivering new Automatic Train Protection (ATP) technology.

ATP will provide additional safety benefits and more reliable services by ensuring trains operate within the permitted speed limit.

Key benefits

The ATP system is being installed on train fleets and across our electrified rail network.

This includes:

  • installation of balises (electronic transponders) in the rail corridor between existing trackside infrastructure to monitor train speeds
  • installation of on-board equipment on suburban and Intercity train fleet which provides speed monitoring and signal information to the driver.

How does Automatic Train Protection work?

The ATP system is being retrofitted to most existing Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink rolling stock. Newly introduced fleet have a minimum requirement to come pre-fitted with ATP technology. The ATP trackside area includes the Sydney Trains metropolitan area as well as the South Coast Line to Kiama, the Blue Mountains Line to Lithgow, and the Central Coast / Newcastle Line.

Discover more in the Automatic Train Protection diagram (PDF, 445.45 KB).

Construction updates

Please see below for the latest information about construction activities in your area. For more information download the frequently asked questions (PDF, 165.88 KB).

Stage 1

Berowra to Newcastle interchange

Installation is ongoing and due for completion early 2020.

Stage 2

Wolli Creek to Kiama

Installation has commenced and is due for completion mid 2020.

Stage 3

Lidcombe to Lithgow / Richmond and Sydenham to Glenlee Junction

Installation has commenced and is due for completion late 2020

Stage 4a

North Shore and Northern Line

Installation has commenced and is due for completion late 2020.

Stage 4b

South Line and City Circle

Installation scheduled to commence early 2020 and is due for completion late 2020.

Project Documents

ATP Stage 1 (Area 2) Determination Report (PDF, 17.7 MB)
ATP Stage 1 (Area 2) Review of Environmental Factors (PDF, 33.91 MB)
ATP Stage 1 (Area 3) Determination Report (PDF, 15.69 MB)
ATP Stage 1 (Area 3) Review of Environmental Factors (PDF, 28.83 MB)

ATP Stage 2 (Area 4) – Determination Report (PDF, 16.56 MB)
ATP Stage 2 (Area 4) – Review of Environmental Factors (PDF, 15.2 MB)
ATP Stage 2 (Area 5) – Determination Report (PDF, 53.83 MB)
ATP Stage 2 (Area 5) – Review of Environmental Factors (PDF, 53.64 MB)

ATP Stage 3 (Area 6a) Determination Report and REF (PDF, 28.92 MB)
ATP Stage 3 (Area 6b) Determination Report and REF (PDF, 29.13 MB)
ATP Stage 3 (Area 7) Determination Report and REF (PDF, 26.26 MB)
ATP Stage 3 (Area 8) Determination Report and REF (PDF, 27.23 MB)
ATP Stage 4a (Area 1) Determination Report and REF (PDF, 37.14 MB)
ATP Stage 4b (Area 9) Determination Report and REF (PDF, 131.28 MB)