Barton Highway – Southern permanent tie-in


Project overview

The Australian and NSW governments have together committed $200 million towards the upgrade of the Barton Highway, with $150 million provided by the Australian Government and $50 million by the NSW Government.

This funding is being used across two projects along the corridor, with Stage 1 now complete (the Barton Highway upgrade package), and Stage 2 in planning (the Barton Highway corridor upgrade).

A section of the first stage of duplication was separately reviewed following feedback from the community. A temporary tie-in was built while Transport progresses planning on an updated design for this section, referred to as the southern permanent tie-in.

Latest news

October 2023 – Southern permanent tie-in concept design

The early design for the southern permanent tie-in has been completed, with the small section of highway expected to be duplicated around the same time as the second stage of the Barton Highway upgrade.

See the preferred concept design below.

The southern permanent tie-in will connect the duplicated highway at the ACT and NSW border.

Project information


The Barton Highway is an essential part of the NSW and ACT transport network, connecting communities to essential services, employment, health care, education opportunities and supporting freight movement.

In 2017 the Australian and NSW governments announced funding to begin the duplication of the Barton Highway in NSW.

Duplicating the highway will ensure safer and more reliable journeys for almost 13,000 road users who use the Barton Highway daily.

The section of highway from the ACT border towards Murrumbateman was identified for immediate duplication. During the first stage of duplication, the existing highway became the southbound carriageway and the new lanes became the northbound carriageway.

While the duplication from Hall to south of Kaveneys Road intersection progressed through construction, a small section of highway at the NSW-ACT border has been reviewed to address feedback from the community.

A temporary tie-in has been built while planning for the permanent solution is progressing. The permanent solution is expected to be built around the same time as the second stage of duplication.

Environment and heritage

During construction of the first stage of the Barton Highway upgrade, the community raised concerns about a group of trees on the ACT/NSW border.

In response to these concerns, Transport conducted a range of studies on the environment and sought the advice of relevant stakeholders to best protect the area around the Barton Highway duplication zone.

A temporary tie-in was constructed to allow the remainder of the first stage of duplication to be used by late 2023. Meanwhile, work has been progressing on a permanent design which will better protect the vulnerable flora, fauna and significant cultural locations.

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