Berry to Bomaderry - Princes Highway upgrade


Project overview

Transport for NSW is upgrading the Princes Highway between Berry and Bomaderry. The $450 million project will improve safety, increase road capacity, improve traffic flow and deliver better and more reliable journeys on this section of the highway. The upgrade is the final piece of more than 30 kilometres of highway upgraded between Gerringong and Bomaderry since work started in 2012.

Project information

November 2023 - Operational noise assessment report now available.

A post construction noise assessment has been completed and the noise assessment report (PDF, 28.02 MB) is now available following the completion of the Berry to Bomaderry upgrade.


Major work started in September 2018. The NSW Government has engaged Downer Seymour Whyte Joint Venture (DSWJV) to build the upgrade.

Work on the upgrade will typically occur between 7am and 6pm on weekdays and between 8am and 1pm on Saturdays, excluding public holidays and weather permitting. The local community will be informed in advance if night work is required.

Major works on the project are now complete and the highway is open to four lanes of traffic. Minor finishing works are continuing over the coming months.


The project will:

  • Increase road capacity and improve traffic efficiency - will complete a minimum four-lane divided route between Sydney and Jervis Bay Road, south of Nowra and increase overtaking opportunities
  • Improve safety - providing a median and barriers to separate opposing traffic flows and providing wide road shoulders
  • Plan for future growth - supporting regional and local economic development

The Berry to Bomaderry upgrade includes the following key features:

  • A 100km/h speed limit north of Abernethys Lane
  • An overpass of the highway between Pestells Lane and Meroo Road
  • An underpass at Devitts Lane and Morschels Lane for local road access
  • An overpass of the highway between Strongs Road and Jaspers Brush Road
  • Protected right turn bays to northbound and southbound u-turn bays
  • A heavy vehicle inspection bay near Jaspers Brush
  • A total of eight bridges over waterways
  • Fauna friendly features in the bridge designs at Flying Fox Creek, Jaspers Brush Creek and Wileys Creek
  • Increased road shoulder widths to three metres, where possible, with vehicle breakdown bays at regular intervals
  • Modifications to local roads, including Strongs Road, Jaspers Brush Road, Morschels Lane, Devitts Lane, Pestells Lane and Abernethys Lane
  • Relocation and upgrade of existing bus stops at Mullers Lane, Croziers Road, Strongs Road, Morschels Lane, Lamonds Lane and Boxsells Lane
  • Drainage and flood mitigation structures.

Community information

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

General questions

  • How much is the project going to cost?
    The NSW Government has allocated $450 million for the upgrade of this section of the Princes Highway which will provide a four-lane divided highway between Mullers Lane at Berry and Cambewarra Road at Bomaderry.
  • What are the benefits of the highway upgrade between Berry and Bomaderry?The Princes Highway upgrade from Berry to Bomaderry will complete a minimum four-lane divided route between Sydney and Jervis Bay Road, south of Nowra.

    This upgrade will improve safety for all road users and local residents accessing the Princes Highway between Mullers Lane at Berry and Cambewarra Road at Bomaderry.

    Safety features of this upgrade include a divided carriageway; less curves, improved road shoulders, barriers and line marking; and the prevention of right hand turns by median separation and protected bays.

    Traffic efficiency will also be improved for road users on the NSW South Coast.

    The project is also supporting regional and local economic development.

  • How were the locations for the three interchanges determined?
    The three interchanges for the project, connecting Jaspers Brush Road and Strongs Road, Morschels Lane and Devitts Lane, and Pestells Lane and Meroo Road, are regularly spaced to provide an equitable level of access for the wider community between Berry and Bomaderry. Devitts Lane is located at the half way point of the alignment.

    Right turn restrictions from local roads were introduced with the inclusion of a central median and significantly widened alignment of the new highway. Motorists will be required to turn left from local roads and travel to the nearest available overpass if they need to travel in the opposite direction.

  • How will the project improve safety and reduce accidents?
    A key objective of the Berry to Bomaderry Princes Highway upgrade is to improve road safety along the upgraded section of highway. The completed highway upgrade incorporates features that address causes of recent vehicle accidents on this section of the highway prior to the update. These safety features include:

    • a divided carriageway reduces the likelihood of head on collisions
    • less curves, improved road shoulders and line marking reduces the likelihood of run off road crashes. In addition, barriers also reduce the risk of this crash type
    • prevention of right turns to driveway accesses by median separation and the provision of protected right turn bays at limited side roads reduce the risk of rear end impacts.
  • Was a bypass of Bomaderry considered?
    In September 2016, the NSW Government published the Princes Highway Corridor Strategy, which sets out the Government’s 20 year plan to manage and guide the development of the road corridor to improve safety, traffic efficiency and sustainability. The strategy was prepared by a multidisciplinary team from Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime Services with expertise in road safety, traffic, asset management, land use, environment, planning and development. The strategy sets out short term, medium term, and long term priorities to manage the highway.

    The strategy recognises Bomaderry and Nowra as key areas with traffic congestion issues on the Princes Highway. The most significant activity in the short term to improve traffic flow through Bomaderry and Nowra is to complete the Nowra bridge project.

During construction

  • What will the construction hours be?
    Standard NSW construction hours are as follows:
    • 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday
    • 8am to 1pm Saturday 
    • No work on Sundays and public holidays.
    • Out of hours work, such as night work, will be required where construction activities would otherwise severely impact traffic flow on the Princes Highway. We will inform affected residents and stakeholders seven days before starting night work activities.
  • Will highway access be impacted during construction?
    Access from Berry to Bomaderry on the Princes Highway will continue throughout construction. There will be some impacts and delays on the highway and adjoining local roads during construction, we will work to keep impacts to a minimum especially during peak traffic periods.
  • How will traffic be impacted during construction?
    Temporary detours and lane closures may be required. The community will be notified of any traffic changes.

    Construction activities and vehicle movements during peak holiday periods will be planned to minimise impacts on the local roads and the Princes Highway.

    Traffic changes will be communicated to motorists through electronic message signs and

  • Will there be increased noise on the highway during and after construction?
    Detailed assessments were carried out to predict potential noise, vibration and light impacts of the project during construction and when open to traffic.

    During construction, practical steps will be used to minimise noise including switching engines off when not in use, keeping machinery well maintained and scheduling of work taking into consideration school and public holidays.

    Ongoing noise reduction measures for traffic noise will include noise mitigation to properties where appropriate, landscaping and low noise pavement surface.

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