Bridge Road Cycleway, Glebe


Project overview

Bridge Road is a key strategic bike riding route linking the Inner West to the City. Transport for NSW will deliver an upgraded and permanent cycleway on Bridge Road and plans to start work in early 2024.

Image: Indicative render (subject to change) facing east on Bridge Road between Clare Street and Woolley Street, showing one of two new proposed crossings for people walking. The green paint on the cycleway indicates driveways and side roads and gaps in the cycleway barrier enable access to them.

Image: Indicative map, showing the location of the Bridge Road Cycleway, Glebe.

Project information


In 2021, we consulted the community about whether the cycleway on Bridge Road should remain, with upgrades to be made. We received over 1,000 survey responses. After careful consideration, including investigating St Johns Road as an alternative route, based on the feedback received and the benefits of the cycleway, the decision was taken in 2022 to keep an upgraded cycleway on Bridge Road permanently.

We intended to start work in mid-2023, following the completion of Infrastructure NSW’s power upgrade work for the new Sydney Fish Market. However, further trenching and remediation work is still needed along the length of the cycleway route. This includes resheeting the road surface to make sure it is in a suitable condition. 

Proposed changes

  • replacing the current cycleway barrier with concrete separators 
  • extending the cycleway barrier where appropriate and marking merge points with the road 
  • installing two new raised pedestrian crossings, just east of Cross Street and just west of Woolley Street  
  • resheeting the road surface along the entire length of the cycleway 
  • installing new concrete ramps on kerbs to improve accessibility 
  • removing the concrete median in the centre of the road just east of Cross Street 
  • painting the cycleway green at appropriate points and adding new line markings 
  • installing new signage 
  • repairing footpath and gutter. 


  • An upgraded and permanent cycleway will improve safety for people walking and bike riding, as well as for road users. 
  • It will encourage people to bike ride and better meet the needs of the growing number of people who already do.
  • The cycleway will provide a more sustainable and accessible travel option. 
  • Additionally, it will make the cycleway better suited to the local area, including by replacing the current barrier between the cycleway and traffic lanes, with its lightweight orange plastic paddles, with more durable concrete separators.

Next steps

Our contractor will provide regular updates about the work from before it starts until it is complete. This will include information about our timeframe, when and where work will take place, and how we will manage impacts, such as temporary traffic changes.

Project documents

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