CCTV trial commences at Sydney CBD and Newcastle


Project overview

Transport for NSW has partnered with Cisco Systems Australia to trial the use of Artificial Intelligence and WiFi technologies on CCTV cameras at specific Sydney CBD and Newcastle locations to enable Transport to deliver a safe, efficient and enhanced transport experience.

The Trial will help Transport to:

  1. Understand the demand and supply on the road, ferry and bus network;
  2. Provide data on when transport infrastructure is placed under stress and predict when services are more likely to breakdown; and
  3. Understand the behaviours of road, traffic and public transport network users.

The trial, will utilise the CCTV cameras from:

  • TfNSW owned camera assets at Pitt St and Eddy Avenue, Sydney CBD
  • TfNSW owned camera assets at Newcastle road intersections
  • Cisco cameras on-board two Newcastle ferries, operated by Keolis Downer Hunter Pty Ltd
  • Cisco cameras on-board two buses operated by Keolis Downer Hunter Pty Ltd located in the Newcastle region.

Footage will be processed by an AI application and subsequently converted into numerical data. Only de-identified data will be captured in order to explore the capability and constraints of using AI and WiFi technologies.

For more information about the trial please email: