Clearways on Bexley Road


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Between Canterbury Road, Campsie and Forest Road, Bexley.

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Clearways in operation

On Monday 1 July 2019 new clearways became operational on Bexley Road between Canterbury Road, Campsie and Forest Road, Bexley.

You must not stop or park on a length of road signed as a clearway during its hours of operation. If you park in a clearway during clearway hours, you risk being fined and your vehicle can be towed.

Buses and taxis are allowed to stop on a clearway to drop off or pick up passengers. Emergency vehicles are exempt from clearways restrictions.

To report a vehicle parked in a clearway or if your vehicle has been towed from a clearway, please call the Transport Management Centre on 131 700.


Map of clearways on Bexley Road


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