Circular Quay Investigations


Project overview

The NSW Government is committed to upgrading the Circular Quay ferry wharves . The wharves need to be upgraded to make them accessible for all customers and support future growth.

As part of this work, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) conducted investigations at Circular Quay and the immediate surrounding area from April to May 2018.

Key information

  • Investigation to provide data to understand how the wharves might be upgraded
  • Circular Quay will remain open for business during these investigations
  • All ferries, boats and trains will continue to operate.​​​​​

Information was collected using the following methods:

  • Geotechnical and geophysical investigation
  • Surveying to map existing structures and physical features
  • Assessing the condition of the wharves and surrounds
  • Locating services and utilities in the area

Geotechnical investigations help to understand what lies beneath the surface. It involves drilling boreholes to collect samples from 12 based sites.

  • Four land-based boreholes on the southern, eastern and western sections of the promenade. These will be enclosed within temporary, fenced and screened sites of either 6.5 x 4 metres or 10 x 5 metres, depending on the space available. The boreholes are approximately 150mm in diameter.
  • Eight water-based boreholes up to 40 metres below the seabed. The boreholes will be drilled at each location from a temporary jack-up barge in the harbour.

Please see the PDF below for a map with times and locations.

Investigations at each site will take up to  48 hours.

Drilling bore holes may lead to some noise. Machinery will be switched off when not in use and/or reduced to idle speed to minimise noise.

Project news

Project updates

If you wish to receive project updates by email or mail please contact us on 1800 684 490 or with your request.

If you have any urgent enquiries or complaints during these works, please contact the 24-hour Construction Response Line on 1800 775 465

The NSW Government has announced the Circular Quay ferry wharves would be upgraded to ensure they were accessible to all customers and to me