Digital Smart Kerbs Penrith


Project overview

Smart sensors have been installed in the Kingswood area.

Transport for NSW and Penrith City Council are conducting the trial with the intent to monitor kerb use and inform on vehicle and pedestrian activity.

This trial is underpinned by Transport for NSW’s strategic priorities to leverage emerging technology to create better places and enhance the customer experience for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and the community.

The trial will help Transport and Council to:

  1. Understand the demand on kerbside lanes and pedestrian kerbs;
  2. Provide data on how kerbs are used; and
  3. Understand how kerbs could better meet community needs and improve liveability, productivity and sustainability.

The trial will utilise sensors in Derby St, Second Ave, Great Western Highway, Parker St, Bringelly Rd, Somerset St, Railway St, O’Connell St, Kingswood Station, Chapman Gardens and Wainwright Park, Kingswood.

The data collected will be converted into numerical data. Only de-identified data will be captured to explore the capability and constraints of using sensor technologies.

The project will be active from September 2022 to October 2023.

For more information about the trial please email