Epping to Thornleigh Third Track


Project overview

The new track separates northbound freight trains from all-stops passenger trains along the steep incline between Epping and Thornleigh.

The new track separates northbound freight trains from all-stops passenger trains along the steep incline between Epping and Thornleigh.

The now-complete project saw the construction of six kilometres of new and upgraded track on the western side of the existing tracks.

The extra capacity for northbound (interstate container) freight trains, is particularly useful during the daytime, when passenger trains currently have priority.

The project also included various upgrades at Cheltenham Station, Pennant Hills Station and Beecroft Station. A new rail bridge was built to cross the M2 Motorway and Devlins Creek.

Managing freight noise 

An Operational Noise and Vibration Management Plan (ONVR) for the project was prepared in accordance with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) guidelines and the planning approval conditions for the project. The ONVR predicated the noise and vibration impacts for the project and determined the appropriate mitigation measures. 

Consultation on the ONVR has been undertaken and the mitigation measures approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment have been completed for the project.

As part of the project, a freight train noise monitoring station has also been installed. The monitoring station will assist the community identify noisy freight services.

For enquiries about operational noise on the third track you can contact Transport for NSW on 1800 648 490 or email projects@transport.nsw.gov.au.

For enquiries about operational noise on the rest of the network please call 131 500.

Noise and vibration compliance monitoring

Following the completion of the ETTT project in June 2016, one year noise and vibration compliance monitoring has been completed by an acoustic specialist to verify the noise predication and mitigation measures put into place.

Noise monitoring was also undertaken between Pennant Hills Station and Wells Street Bridge to ensure noise levels of freight train idling was included as part of the one year compliance assessment.   

The assessment has determined that the noise and vibration objectives have been met and the noise barriers and property treatment installed for targeted properties are compliant and no additional mitigation measures are required. 

View the Noise and Vibration Compliance Assessment Report (PDF, 14.94 MB) for more information. 

Noise and vibration monitoring will also be undertaken five years and 10 years after completion. If the assessment indicates that noise and vibration objectives have not been met, further feasible and reasonable measures will be investigated in consultation with the affected property owners.  


The following documents are available to download:

Urban design and landscaping

Managing freight noise

Environmental reports

Construction Environmental Management