Freight Community System


Project overview

Transport for NSW is seeking input from freight industry stakeholders to help inform a Strategic Business Case for a proposed Freight Community System.


The Freight Community System would be a neutral and open digitised platform enabling freight supply chain participants to rapidly and securely exchange information to optimise, automate and manage logistics processes, by providing visibility of data across freight supply chains.

The project is aligned with direct actions outlined in the NSW Freight and Ports Plan 2018-23 and Future Transport Technology Roadmap supports the NSW Government’s vision to be a global transport technology leader and create world-class mobility solutions for the people and communities of NSW.

The Freight Community System would incorporate air, road, rail and sea supply chain networks, increasing productivity and efficiency across multiple intermodal points. It would aim to solve operational problems and visibility issues for freight supply chain operators throughout a product’s entire journey.

Current status

A Strategic Business Case is being developed for the NSW Government’s consideration, which is the first step in the process and is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2021. 

We are consulting with stakeholders across the supply chains of air, road, rail and sea and will seek to identify problems and benefits and technology and governance solutions.

Have your say

We are seeking feedback from stakeholders across the freight supply chain to help inform the design of the proposed Freight Community System.

Please see the consultation materials for more information about the proposed Freight Community System (PDF, 1.88 MB) and send feedback to before 5pm on 6 August.

Included in your submission, we would like your feedback on:

  • problem statements highlighted in the consultation material
  • key principles as outlined by Transport for NSW
  • where you see a Freight Community System sits in an operational and strategic context
  • freight pain points that should be addressed
  • additional feedback that will help inform the design of a potential Freight Community System.

Next Steps

The Strategic Business Case for the project is on track for completion in December 2021.

There will be other opportunities to consult with industry and industry will be kept informed as the project progresses.

The next step, following review and approval of the Strategic Business Case, will be preparing the Final Business Case, with completion anticipated for 2022. 

If you would like more information or if you wish to speak to the project team please email