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Project overview

NorthConnex is a nine kilometre tunnel that will link the M1 Pacific Motorway at Wahroonga to the Hills M2 Motorway at West Pennant Hills. Transport for NSW has managed the beneficial reuse of NorthConnex spoil to partially fill Hornsby Quarry.

Project information


Construction of NorthConnex has produced around 2.6 million cubic metres of spoil. Hornsby Quarry was one of six sites identified in the NorthConnex Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as having the necessary capacity to receive spoil material generated by the project.

Transport for NSW has managed the beneficial reuse of more than one million cubic metres of spoil from NorthConnex at Hornsby Quarry - an environmentally sustainable use for the spoil. Spoil haulage to the quarry has been completed. The Hornsby Quarry site was handed back to Hornsby Shire Council in 2019.

This project has minimised the overall distance required for transporting the NorthConnex project spoil to various locations by around 3.7 million kilometres, which has significantly reduced impacts to the wider community and environment.

This project has cost around $32 million, with funding of $7.3 million from the Australian Government and Hornsby Shire Council and the balance from the NSW Government. The Lendlease Bouygues Joint Venture (LLBJV) has delivered the project.


Partially filling the quarry with spoil from NorthConnex:

  • supports Hornsby Shire Council's plan to rehabilitate the Hornsby Quarry site into a recreational facility for the local and regional community
  • minimised the overall distances required for transporting the NorthConnex project spoil by around 3.7 million kilometres
  • reduced the community's and Hornsby Shire Council's ongoing maintenance cost associated with quarry stabilisation

Key features

The project supports Hornsby Shire Council's plan to rehabilitate the Hornsby Quarry site into a recreational facility for the local and regional community. The management and reuse of spoil from the construction of NorthConnex involved:

  • site establishment including:
    • assessing and monitoring quarry wall stability
    • dewatering the quarry void
    • closing and temporarily reconfiguring some of the existing Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail and walking tracks
    • clearing vegetation and establishing erosion and sediment controls
    • establishing a site compound, security fencing and signage around the works area
    • establishing noise mounds about five metres high around key sections of the stockpiling areas
    • widening and upgrading Bridge Road between the Hornsby TAFE and Roper Lane
    • upgrading the existing access track from Bridge Road to Old Mans Valley
    • temporary closure of Roper Lane at its connection to Bridge Road
    • constructing a conveyor to transport spoil from the stockpiles to the quarry floor
  • hauling spoil by truck from the NorthConnex spoil locations to the quarry
  • partially filling the quarry with spoil
    • discharging spoil from the conveyor on to a ‘telestacker’ to take the spoil from Old Mans Valley into the quarry pit floor
    • spreading out the spoil on the quarry pit floor using a tunnel reclaimer and telestacker system
  • site demobilisation and rehabilitation:
    • taking apart and removing the compound and conveyer (apart from the foundations)
    • rehabilitating disturbed areas
    • removing security fencing and signage from the construction area and reinstating security fencing around the quarry
    • reinstating public access to areas outside the quarry exclusion zone including the mountain bike trails

For more information view Hornsby Quarry on the NorthConnex site.


  • June 2016: Commencement of Bridge Road work
  • July 2016: Site establishment of Old Man’s Valley including establishment of five metre noise mounds
  • October 2016: Delivery of plant equipment to site for Old Man Valley and quarry bottom
  • April 2017: Bridge Road extension complete
  • April 2017: Conveyor delivery and installation
  • Mid 2017: Spoil haulage begins
  • January 2019: Quarry filling complete and site demobilisation begins
  • December 2019: Site returned to Hornsby Shire Council


Hornsby Quarry before spoil deposits started in mid 2017.

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