M12 Motorway


Project overview

The Australian and NSW governments are building a new motorway as part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan (WSIP) road investment program.

The new motorway will provide direct access to the Western Sydney International Airport at Badgerys Creek and connect to Sydney’s motorway network.

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Latest news

Dec 2023 - Traffic changes on Clifton Avenue

Transport for NSW will open a new access road for road users travelling via Clifton Avenue at Kemps Creek. The new bridge over M12 Motorway will open for traffic from Friday 15 December 2023. 

For more information, please see our latest notification (PDF, 833.49 KB).

Dec 2023 - Temporary road closure along Range Road, Kemps Creek

Transport for NSW will temporarily close Range Road at Kemps Creek over three nights between Wednesday 13 December and Friday 15 December 2023, weather permitting.

For more information, please see our latest notification (PDF, 717.92 KB).

Sept 2023 - M12 Motorway community update

The M12 Motorway project team celebrated its first year of major construction in August this year.

Please view our latest community update (PDF, 3.3 MB) for more information.

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Project information


  • Start date of major construction: August 2022
  • Expected completion date: before the opening of the Western Sydney International Airport
  • Funding: Australian and NSW governments


The M12 Motorway would provide direct access to Western Sydney International Airport at Badgerys Creek and connect to Sydney’s motorway network.

The corridor route is an east-west 16 kilometre motorway between the M7 Motorway, Cecil Hills and The Northern Road, Luddenham. The motorway would provide increased road capacity and reduce congestion and travel times in the future. It would also improve the movement of freight in and through Western Sydney.

The M12 Motorway forms a key part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan (WSIP). The WSIP is a joint initiative of the Australian and NSW governments to fund a $4.4 billion road and transport program for Western Sydney and is designed to capitalise on the economic benefits of the Western Sydney Airport as part of an integrated transport solution for the Western Sydney region.


  • Direct access to Western Sydney International Airport at Badgerys Creek from the M7 Motorway and the upgraded The Northern Road
  • Improved access to the Western Sydney Aerotropolis and the South West Growth Area
  • Increased road capacity for future growth and development
  • Improved traffic safety for road users
  • Pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure
  • Improved freight movement to key commercial centres
  • Reduced congestion impact on the community and businesses by providing more capacity.


  • An east-west 16 kilometre motorway between the M7 Motorway, Cecil Hills and The Northern Road, Luddenham.
  • A motorway built for four lanes (with provision for up to six lanes) with a median to separate opposing traffic flows.
  • A direct connection to Western Sydney International Airport.
  • A new connection to The Northern Road with traffic lights.
  • A motorway-to-motorway interchange at the M7 Motorway.
  • Provision for a future interchange connecting Mamre Road and Devonshire Road at the M12 Motorway.
  • A new shared path between The Northern Road and M7 Motorway with lighting and connections to future and existing shared path networks.

Community information

M7-M12 Integration project

The M7-M12 Integration project will support future development growth in Western Sydney by improving travel times and congestion. Once complete, the project will provide direct access to commercial and residential hubs, and the new Western Sydney International Airport. 

The project started construction in August 2023 and includes three major elements: 

  • M7-M12 Interchange
  • Elizabeth Drive Connection
  • Westlink M7 Widening

For more information, please visit m7m12integrationproject.com.au 

M12 Motorway Central section

The 7.5 kilometre central section of the M12 Motorway between east of Badgerys Creek and Duff Road, Cecil Park within Western Sydney Parklands will be constructed by Seymour Whyte.

This section includes:

  • a shared user path providing an active transport link along the motorway, eastward to the M7 Motorway
  • seven bridges, including bridges over South Creek, Kemps Creek, Elizabeth Drive and Range Road.
M12 Motorway West section

The 6 kilometre west section of the M12 Motorway between The Northern Road, Luddenham and approximately 250m east of Badgerys Creek will be constructed by CPB Contractors and Georgiou Group joint venture.
This section includes:

  • construction of 11 bridges including bridges over Luddenham Road, Cosgroves Creek and Elizabeth Drive.
  • a grade-separated interchange referred to as the Western Sydney International Airport interchange, including a dual-carriage way four-lane airport access road connecting with the Western Sydney International Airport main access road.
  • a shared user path providing an active transport link along the motorway, eastward to the M7 Motorway.

Wylde Mountain Bike Trail

Wylde, Australia's largest combined mountain biking and BMX hub is now open and free to ride at Western Sydney Parklands.

Wylde was relocated to make way for the new M12 Motorway. Transport for NSW, Liverpool City Council and Greater Sydney Parklands worked together to design and construct the new Wylde facility for the community.

Thanks for the community who patiently waited during construction of the tracks and trails. We hope you enjoy the new riding experience!

For more information about the Wylde visit the Western Sydney Parklands Trust website.

Community and environment benefits

Sustainable practices

The M12 East project has delivered around 200 timber logs from their vegetation clearing activities to the M12 West, to build the base for the Emu sculpture near the Airport interchange.

The koalas at Taronga, Featherdale and Western Sydney Zoos are doing their bit for the ‘zero waste’ movement by feasting on eucalyptus branches removed for the motorway. This allows us to reduce our waste and keep it out of landfill.

We installed 61 nest boxes and 64 bored hollows to offset the removal of hollow-bearing trees.These nests and hollows provide breeding habitats and shelter for native fauna like birds, gliders, possums and bats that may have been displaced.

Seed collection and propagation

Transport is sourcing native grassland and woodland seeds to vegetate the landscape around the motorway when complete. These plants are resilient, attractive to pollinators, resilient to pests and low fire risk.

Transport is working with local nursery Toolijooa to carry out the seed collection and propagation using low phosphorous fertiliser, low moisture and full sun conditions to ensure tough, hardy plants with high field survival rates.

One Million Turtles

Transport is working with Western Sydney University and the One Million Turtles Community Conservation Program to support wildlife conservation and road safety in Western Sydney.

The Program uses AI technology to detect turtles on roads from dashcam footage, enhance road safety and preserve local biodiversity. The technology can identify turtle road mortality hotspots, allowing for targeted conservation efforts.

Western Sydney University developed a predictive nesting and habitat tool called TurtleSAT and is working with Transport to trial innovative turtle barrier concepts designed to guide turtles away from roads around these hotspots.

Contact us

For further information about this project, please contact:

Transport for NSW
PO Box 973, Parramatta NSW 2124

Phone: 1800 517 155

Email: m12motorway@transport.nsw.gov.au