Nelligen Bridge Replacement


Project overview

The Nelligen Bridge Replacement project will provide a new two lane bridge on the Kings Highway over the Clyde River at Nelligen.

The $148 million project is funded by the NSW Government. Major work started in early 2021 and the new bridge opened to traffic in February 2023.

Project completion, including removal of the old bridge is expected to be late 2023.

Latest news

Apr 2023 – Continued temporary traffic changes on Wharf Street

Intermittent closures of Wharf Street will continue until Friday 30 June, weather permitting. These closures will occasionally take place between 7am and 6pm with detour signage in place to advise motorists.

A detour via Braidwood and Reid streets will be in place during this time.

Mar 2023 – Temporary traffic changes on the Kings Highway, Wharf Street and Old Nelligen Road

Temporary traffic changes will be in place on Old Nelligen Road on Wednesday 29 March between 7am and 6pm, weather permitting. Motorists can expect delays of up to five minutes.

Temporary traffic changes will also be in place on Wharf Street and the Kings Highway from Wednesday 5 April, weather permitting. Wharf Street will be reopened in a temporary arrangement with left-in, left-out vehicle movements only. This will be in place for up to eight weeks, weather permitting. A detour via Braidwood and Reid streets will be in place during this time.

Project information


The NSW Government is investing $148 million for the construction of a replacement bridge on the Kings Highway over the Clyde River at Nelligen in New South Wales.

The Kings Highway plays an important role as the key east-west route for commuters and freight between the ACT / Queanbeyan region and the NSW far south coast. At a local level, the highway connects Nelligen and greater Eurobodalla region to employment, health and education resources in the ACT / Queanbeyan region.

The new bridge will provide safer and more reliable journeys on the Kings Highway for motorists, freight, pedestrians and cyclists.

Seymour Whyte Constructions has been awarded the construction contract for the project and major work started in early 2021.

The new bridge is expected to be open to traffic by early 2023, weather permitting, and the project is expected to be completed by late 2023.

The new 349 metre long bridge will include the following:

  • 3.7 metre wide traffic lanes in each direction
  • 2.5 metre wide shoulders in each direction
  • A two metre wide pedestrian path on the southern side of the bridge with connections to Thule Road on the eastern side of the river and the existing footpath on Braidwood Street on the western side of the river
  • Upgrades to the Kings Highway approaches to the new bridge on both sides of the river
  • A new intersection between the Kings Highway and Maisies Lane
  • Upgraded intersections between on Kings Highway at Bridge View Road and Old Nelligen Road
  • Relocation of the existing bus stop and installation of a new shelter


  • The project will improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists by providing an improved curve on the eastern side of the bridge, wider lanes and shoulders and safety barriers between the road and footpath
  • A new bridge will provide a safe and reliable crossing over the Clyde River and will be built with a 100 year bridge design life
  • The project will provide better and more reliable trips for people, business and freight particularly for those travelling on the Kings Highway between Batemans Bay and Canberra
  • The project will also improve urban design and access around the river’s foreshore with a new community space and viewing area to be built on the western abutment of the existing bridge

Community information

Frequently asked questions

  • How will I access the town centre during construction?

    The new bridge will improve access between ACT / Queanbeyan, Nelligen and the wider Eurobodalla region. It will improve safety for motorists and improve intersections between the Kings Highway and local roads within Nelligen.

    The new bridge is being built to provide greater safety benefits to both motorists and pedestrians and to replace the existing bridge which is experiencing some damage to underwater members.

  • What work is being carried out?

    Work involves bridge and abutment works, construction of a shared user path, intersection upgrades, demolishing the existing bridge and landscaping works to improve the urban design and access around the river’s foreshore.

    As part of this project, we have made improvements to the Kings Highway and The River Road intersection to enable heavy vehicles from the east to turn around and safely access the Nelligen Bridge site as well as ensuing the safety of bus stop users and other vehicles entering or exiting The River Road.

  • How will the bridge be built?

    The main feature of the Nelligen Bridge replacement project will see a new 349 metre long bridge built with 11 spans of 1.5 super T-beams to the upstream of the existing Kings Highway bridge over the Clyde River.

    The height of the new bridge (at road level) will range between about 6.5 and 7.7 metres above the Clyde River.

  • What is the estimated completion date?
    The new bridge will be completed and open to traffic by early 2023, weather permitting.
  • When can motorists expect to drive on the new Nelligen Bridge?
    Early 2023, weather permitting.
  • Will river access be impacted during construction?
    River access will be maintained throughout the entire construction and demolition process. At times there may be changes to the current channels and exclusions zones implemented for the safety of the boating community, however access through the site will always be maintained.
  • Will there be delays or access changes on the Kings Highway during construction?
    The Kings Highway will remain open throughout the entire construction process.
  • What are the project’s standard construction hours?

    Generally, work will be carried out between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm Saturdays.

    Nearby residents will be notified at least five days in advance of any activities scheduled outside of these working hours.

    Some reasons we may need to work outside our standard construction hours include safety, traffic, emergency work, unplanned events, utility service outages and rail possessions.

  • How will traffic be impacted during construction?

    We may need to temporarily change traffic conditions along the Kings Highway and other roads to ensure the safety of workers and motorists. Changes may include reduced speed limits, concrete barriers and temporary fencing, traffic control, night work, and traffic switches.

    We ask that motorists follow traffic signs and instructions from our traffic management crews.

  • How will I access the town centre during construction?

    Access to the town centre will be maintained at all times during construction.

    Changed traffic conditions will be in place at various times during the project and will be widely communicated well in advance.

    For the latest traffic updates call 132 701, visit the Live Traffic NSW website or download the Live Traffic NSW App.

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