New bus services for Western Sydney


Project overview

Transport for NSW is planning new bus services to connect local communities to the Western Sydney International Airport and Bradfield City Centre, ahead of the Airport opening in 2026.

Leppington Station bus stop

To unlock employment and growth ahead of the Airport’s opening in 2026, the NSW Government is planning new bus services to connect key activity centres including Liverpool, Penrith and Campbelltown to the Airport and Bradfield City.

Key benefits

The new bus services will:

  • support the immediate transport needs of emerging communities, new businesses in Western Sydney and construction sites at the Airport and Bradfield City Centre
  • provide a reliable travel choice and access to local community services such as education, retail and health precincts 
  • establish sustainable travel behaviours for residents living and working in Western Sydney.

New Bus Services

Buses will run: every 30 minutes, 5am to 10pm daily
Liverpool to Bradfield, via Airport67 minutes
Campbelltown to Airport, via Bradfield66 minutes
Penrith to Bradfield, via Airport60 minutes
Mt Druitt to Bradfield, via Airport60 minutes
Liverpool to Airport via Leppington and Bradfield55 minutes

New interchanges and layovers

New interchanges will be built at Bradfield City Centre and the Airport to allow passengers to easily transfer between bus and Metro services. These will be operational before the Airport opens to passengers.

Better for the environment

These new services will include Zero Emissions Buses (ZEBs). These will provide quieter, smoother and more comfortable journeys for passengers, and support the NSW Government’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050. Existing depots will be upgraded to cater for the ZEBs.

What you want from your bus network

We want to provide new bus services that the people of Western Sydney can be proud of. 

Over the next few months we'll continue to inform you about the new services and seek your feedback to support the growing needs of the community. Your feedback will help us plan the new bus services plus proposed future stages of the Western Sydney bus network.

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