North Strathfield Rail Underpass


Project overview

This project included construction of a new rail underpass at North Strathfield and a new aerial concourse for Concord West Station.

Key benefits

  • reduce waiting times for freight trains
  • increases reliability of freight and passenger trains
  • enables a 1,500 metre freight train to stand clear of the Main North Line so other trains can pass

The underpass means freight trains no longer need to cross over the existing tracks on the Main North Line. 

In addition to the new concourse at Concord West Station, four new lifts were installed.


Approval documents for the North Strathfield Rail Underpass Project (SRUP) are available to download.

The SRUP Operational Noise and Vibration Management Plan (ONVMP) and documents associated with community consultation on the plan, are also available to download.

An Urban Design and Landscape Plan for the SRUP was approved after community consultation. See below to download relevant documents. 

Environmental Compliance Reports were completed every six months. Copies of these reports are available upon request. Please email to request a copy.

Project status

The North Strathfield Rail Underpass Project was approved in October 2012.  Major work was completed in June 2015.