NSW E-scooter Shared Scheme Trial


Project overview

Transport for NSW is enabling a trial of e-scooter shared schemes in selected metropolitan and regional areas.

Project information 

In response to the growing popularity of e-scooters and the need to safely manage their use, the NSW Government is working closely with NSW councils to enable trials of e-scooter shared schemes.

Trials are expected to run for 12 months.

Trial Locations

Transport looked for trial locations where e-scooters: 

  • may be a viable transport choice for customers  
  • can facilitate a variety of trips 
  • can be easily integrated into existing bicycle riding infrastructure and/or be connected through existing infrastructure including bicycle paths/lanes, shared paths, and local roads.

Selected roads or areas need to be declared as an Electric Scooter Use Area under NSW Road Rules by Transport before a trial can commence, making it legal for riders of hired e-scooters to ride them on those listed roads and areas.

Summary of key trial parameters 

Building on previous recommendations of the E-Scooter Advisory Working Group (ESA) in 2019, Transport has developed parameters for the trial.

At selected trial locations, e-scooter shared schemes will be permitted on: 

  • bicycle paths
  • shared paths (which can be identified by signs and/or pavement markings showing a pedestrian and a bicycle).
  • roads (including bicycle lanes) on which the speed limit is up to 50 kilometres per hour. 

E-scooter users will not be permitted to travel on footpaths.

Speeds will be limited to:

  • 20 kilometres per hour on bicycle paths/lanes and roads. 
  • 10 kilometres per hour on shared paths. 

E-scooter users will be required to wear bicycle helmets.

Minimum age of users is 16 years old. 

During the trial, it will remain illegal to: 

  • use private e-scooters on all roads, footpaths, and shared/bicycle paths in NSW 
  • operate/use e-scooter shared schemes outside of selected trial locations.  

View summary of key trial parameters  (PDF, 201.37 KB)

Transport will be completing an evaluation of the trial and requires ongoing monitoring in each trial location to ensure crashes or other safety incidents are reported for management.

Council participation

Councils interested in learning more about the trials can contact e-scootertrial@transport.nsw.gov.au to speak to our Project Team. 

Approved trials

For information about live trials visit Transport's Centre for Road Safety.