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Project overview

The Princes Highway Corridor Strategy outlines a 20 year vision for the Princes Highway between Yallah, approximately 20 km south of Wollongong, and the Victorian border. The corridor stretches 422 kms and passes through five local government areas.

Project information

Corridor Stategy and Community consultation report

The Princes Highway corridor strategy and community consultation report have now been completed. The strategy covers the transport needs of the corridor, including maintaining safe and stable traffic flow in urban centres along the corridor and managing the effects of seasonal peak traffic. The final versions of the strategy (PDF, 20.9Mb) and the community consultation report (PDF, 1.3Mb) are now complete and available to view.

Transport for NSW thanks community members and stakeholders for providing submissions on the draft strategy.

What is a corridor strategy?

Corridor strategies set out the government’s 20 year plan for our road networks to manage and guide improvements to safety, traffic efficiency and sustainability.

They are a method of managing our road networks and maximising benefits for customers by:

  • Identifying existing and anticipated performance of our roads
  • Developing a long term vision for the road network and corridors
  • Determining priorities for the road network
  • Developing strategies to address these over the longer term.

The Princes Highway corridor strategy sets out the objectives, current performance and challenges in managing the corridor over the long term. It aims to provide transparency and certainty for future investment priorities.

Corridor strategies do not provide solutions to all challenges but they make planning and investment decisions transparent to the community, councils and other government agencies.

For more information on network and corridor strategies, please visit Transport for NSW.

Why are corridor strategies important?

Corridor strategies support the NSW Government’s capacity to manage the road network. They:

  • Help to meet and manage customer expectations
  • Apply consistency along our corridors
  • Assist in prioritising investments over the short, medium and long term
  • Demonstrate a robust planning framework needed to break down complexities in transport decision making
  • Coordinate various programs to ensure the optimum benefits for safety and efficiency. Programs include development, safety, asset and traffic.

It is important that we develop corridor strategies that tie all of our state wide and regional strategies together, to integrate transport planning and create localised priorities.

Corridor strategies are developed to align with:

  • The NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan
  • Regional Transport Plans
  • Freight and Ports Strategy
  • Road Safety Strategy.

We will target a review of each corridor strategy every five years to ensure the information is current.

Key challenges

Many of the Princes Highway corridor challenges are known and others are expected to emerge as a result of future changes and transport demands.

Key corridor challenges include:

  • Maintaining safe and stable traffic flow in urban centres along the corridor and managing the effects of seasonal peak traffic
  • Providing access for High Productivity Vehicles (HPV) to the entire corridor, particularly 26 metre B-Doubles which are currently restricted to the northern and southern extremities of the corridor
  • Sections of the highway, particularly towards the southern end of the corridor, have road alignment, lane width and pavement issues
  • Minimising the risk of road closures and extensive delays as a result of flooding, closure of bridges or major incidents on the highway
  • Balancing the demand of local and through traffic with urban needs in pedestrian and vehicle conflict areas at Nowra, Milton-Ulladulla, Narooma and Eden
  • Improving road safety in both the urban and rural sections of the corridor.

The strategy sets out short (0-5 years), medium (5-10 years) and long term (10-20 years) priorities along the corridor for managing the Princes Highway.

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Corridor strategy report

Community consultation report

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