Wilfred Barrett Drive


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Transport for NSW is improving safety between Wyuna Avenue and north of Pelican Beach Road.

Wilfred Barrett Drive, Magenta and The Entrance North.

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DEC 2022Project update

Work on the first section from the northern end of Wilfred Barrett Drive near Pelican Beach Road for about one kilometre was completed in May 2022.

Work is progressively continuing south for the remaining three kilometres. The project has experienced some recent delays as many of our Central Coast crews have been redeployed to assist with flood recovery work in western NSW. Work is continuing on the project however due to these delays the project is now expected to be completed in February or March 2023, weather permitting.

Project information

The NSW Government is investing in this project between Wyuna Avenue and north of Pelican Beach Road to improve safety and reduce crashes.

Transport will carry out the work along a four kilometre section of the road.

The project involves:

  • widening the road to provide a one metre wide central median and three metre southbound shoulders
  • providing right turn bays into Pelican Beach Road and the car park for Red Gum Trail walking track
  • installing safety barriers
  • installing audio-tactile line marking (rumble strips) which provides a noise and vibratory warning to a driver or rider who has drifted from their lane

Wide centreline

The introduction of a one metre wide centreline will improve safety by providing greater separation between vehicles travelling in opposite directions.

Audio-tactile line marking

The project incorporates audio-tactile line marking (ATLM) on the edge and centrelines of Wilfred Barrett Drive.

ATLM, sometimes called ‘rumble strips’ are small raised bumps typically placed along the edges of roads and in the centre of roads to alert a driver when they are drifting out of their lane.

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 May 2021 project notification

Start of work - Safety improvements on Wilfred Barrett Drive, Magenta and The Entrance North.


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 11 June 2021

Safety work kicks off at Wilfred Barrett Drive