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Project overview

Transport for NSW has upgraded the Burley Griffin Way and Irrigation Way intersection at Yoogali, east of Griffith to improve safety.
The $14.8 million project, funded by the Australian and NSW governments, has improved safety for all road users by improving traffic efficiency and heavy vehicle accessibility at the intersection and limiting queuing over the level crossing.

Current intersection at Yoogali



Watch as project manager Tim Keyes talks about the Yoogali intersection upgrade.

Watch as six months of major construction brings Yoogali intersection upgrade to life.

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Project information


The $14.8 million Yoogali intersection upgrade project was funded by the Australian and NSW governments, including $8.8 million Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program funding.

The intersection is the meeting point of four major roads – Burley Griffin Way, Mackay Avenue, Irrigation Way and Kurrajong Avenue.

Work included:

  • upgrading and widening the intersection to accommodate larger and longer vehicles
  • upgrading and widening the rail level crossing to meet current standards
  • replacing the bridge structure on Irrigation Way with a wider structure to current standards
  • installation of new traffic lights and rail signals to improve intersection safety.

Preliminary work started in mid-2019, with a number of stages of construction continuing throughout most of 2020.

The upgraded intersection has improved traffic efficiency and heavy vehicle accessibility and removed the risk of queuing over the railway level crossing.

Addendum to the Review of Environmental Factors

An addendum to the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) has been prepared in response to comments received following the REF display in 2018.

Key modifications in the addendum REF include:

  • adding right turn lanes for each of the intersection legs
  • extending the road design and revised concrete medians
  • modifying access to properties and business on Mackay Avenue
  • constructing concrete protection over a high pressure gas main
  • modifying the design of Irrigation Way bridge
  • removing additional trees
  • modifying the table drain and utility relocations
  • modifying safeguards.

The REF addendum can be viewed or downloaded from the project documents section of this page.

Review of Environmental Factors submissions report

The REF was displayed for community comment from Monday 25 June to Friday 20 July 2018. A total of 22 submissions were received.

A submissions report summarising the comments, responses, changes to the proposal and details of environmental measures and safeguards was published in late 2018.




Images of Yoogali intersection upgrade work
Images of Yoogali intersection upgrade work

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