EPL 79 - September 2023 - Sydney Trains

Air Quality Monitoring

LicenseeSydney Trains Environment Protection Licence Number 79
Licensees AddressPO Box K349, Haymarket 1238
Air QualityParticulates - Deposited matter
Monitoring frequency required by licenceMonthly
Units of Measurement

Grams per square metre per month 

EPL Identifier Monitoring Point Date Sampled Date Obtained Date PublishedAshInsoluble SolidsLimit 
Point 5F111/09/202321/09/202322/09/20231.01.3None specified 
Point 6 F211/09/202321/09/202322/09/20231.01.9None specified 
Point 7 F311/09/202321/09/202322/09/20230.20.5None specified 

EPL No 79 'Air' Comments:  

EPL No 79 'Water' Comments: Pumpout occurred on 4 September 2023 (compliant result).

(EPL) Environment Protection Licence
Note: Results marked with an * indicate an excessively contaminated gauge. Contamination can include bird droppings, vegetation (such as plant matter, algae, pollen, seeds), and insects.