Light rail program


Project overview

Sydney’s light rail program connects Sydney’s future transport network, taking passengers from Dulwich Hill all the way to the CBD.

Key benefits

  • Creates an improved urban experience, reduces congestion and promotes sustainability
  • Better public transport with more connections for more people
  • Boosts the economy by taking people to key shopping and entertainment districts

The Sydney light rail projects are designed to integrate with other transport services, to create more connections and more travel options. 

Increasing and improving the light rail network in Sydney will provide a cleaner, quieter and less invasive form of transport. It will also work safely alongside the places where people live, work and relax.

Why light rail in Sydney?

Around the world light rail has proven to be a driver for urban renewal. Creating this added layer of transport encourages people to get out of their cars and buses. 

As we reduce the congestion in areas like the Sydney CBD, we can create a more enjoyable urban experience. The pedestrian area on George Street is just one example of how light rail development can improve urban amenity.

The Sydney light rail website provides more information about the benefits of Light Rail.

What is the Sydney light rail program?

The Sydney light rail program incorporates two light rail construction projects. 

The first was the Inner west light rail extension, which opened in March 2014 and now operates as part of the L1 Dulwich Hill Line. The second is the CBD and south east light rail, which is under construction. 

The Inner west line extends the existing line from Lilyfield on to Dulwich Hill and uses an old rail freight corridor. The CBD and south east line will extend services from Circular Quay to Kingsford and Randwick via the CBD.

The future of light rail in Sydney

We will also make longer-term light rail investigations. These will look into how light rail in Sydney can improve and enhance the experiences of both passengers and those around the rail into the future.

The NSW Government listened to feedback on the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan from thousands of Sydney residents. This told us that there was a definite demand for improved light rail services. 

With the second light rail project in progress we’re now ready for the next phase of planning, which again will need input from the public.

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