Smart Innovation Centre


Project overview

The Smart Innovation Centre is NSW’s hub for collaborative research and development of safe and efficient emerging transport technology.

Key benefits

  • Facilitate collaboration between government, industry and the research sector to develop innovative transport technology in NSW.
  • Accelerate research, testing and piloting of emerging transport technologies to support community and economic development objectives.
  • Ensure there is a focus on efficient, productive, safe, sustainable and liveable smart transport in NSW.



Technology is constantly evolving presenting both opportunities and challenges in the way we plan and deliver passenger and freight transport services and infrastructure. We want to be leading the way in the application of new technology to the planning and management of future transport systems to ensure that we get the best outcomes for transport customers – and the Smart Innovation Centre is a part of that plan. 

We want to ensure that emerging technologies and our existing infrastructure and projects align, maximising the benefits for our customers and industry. This will be achieved by building and maintaining partnerships between all levels of Government, the private sector, academia and investors.

Driverless vehicles

Connected and automated vehicle technology will enable driverless vehicles which will be a major step change for transport. This technology has the potential to increase safety, minimise congestion, improve productivity and help make people more mobile.

The Smart Innovation Centre is currently partnering with industry to conduct trials that discover how we can get the most from this technology.

Other emerging technologies

The Smart Innovation Centre is interested in exploring emerging technology in all transport or freight contexts that can assist the improvement of transport outcomes across NSW. There is already rapid innovation occurring in rail, road, air and water transport, with emerging technology in these areas potentially leading to driverless vehicles, driverless vessels and drones which will play a key role in our transport future. 

To enable these advancements we need to have the right physical and digital infrastructure platforms. This means understanding what data, security and communications capabilities are required to support these systems to work together as a whole. Across the globe governments, the private sector and individual innovators are applying these technologies to improve the productivity, sustainability and livability of our cities.

The Smart Innovation Centre is interested in working with industry and academic partners to develop trials which support and enable these emerging technologies as well as ones we haven’t even heard of yet.

Find out more about smart vehicles and systems on the Future Transport website.

Work with us

The Smart Innovation Centre is seeking Regional expressions of interest. Procurement documents are available from the NSW e-tender website.

Last year we put out an Expression of Interest for projects and partners that would trial innovative technology here in NSW, which has led to the development of the Smart Shuttle project as a number of projects that we are investigating.

We are always open to new ideas and partnerships. If you are interested in collaborating with us please email

We’ll also be issuing future Expressions of Interest from time to time that will focus on addressing some of the key transport challenges in NSW like safety, congestion, productivity and mobility.

What next

Look out for more Expressions of Interest for other projects to address some of the key safety issues both in metro and regional areas.

If you’d like to be on a distribution list for any future expressions of interest from the Smart Innovation Centre or want to let us know about new initiatives please get in touch by sending us an email at

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The Smart Innovation Centre is working with industry and research partners to trial a 'Smart Shuttle' at Olympic Park.