Driverless vehicle projects

Smart Innovation Centre driverless vehicle projects in metropolitan and regional NSW.


NSW Smart Shuttle

Through the Smart Innovation Centre, the NSW Government is working with industry and research partners to trial a highly automated passenger shuttle at Sydney Olympic Park.

Who are the partners in the trial

In addition to Transport for NSW and RMS there are a number of industry partners. HMI Technologies, Telstra, NRMA Motoring and Services, Sydney Olympic Park Authority and General insurer IAG will be collaborating as partners in the two year trial.

What are the stages of the trial

  • Stage 1 (Q3 2017) of the trial will involve testing in an enclosed off-road environment at Newington Armory, adjacent to Sydney Olympic Park.
  • Stage 2 (Q1 2018) progresses to initial operation at a closed section of Sydney Olympic Park.
  • Stage 3 (Q3 2018) will see the shuttle operating live at Sydney Olympic Park. This will test things like infrastructure, how customers will interact with the vehicle and provide an opportunity for general public to experience the automated vehicle.

What will we learn from the trial at Sydney Olympic Park

  • The Sydney Olympic Park trial will be the first precinct-based trial of an automated shuttle in Australia.
  • The trial will focus on observing how automated vehicle technology can improve the mobility of customers and interact with other people within the precinct. 
  • To enable this trial we will work with our partners to understand what supporting technology and infrastructure is needed to operate an automated shuttle in this environment, how it interacts with other precinct users (pedestrians, cyclists etc.) and how it integrates with the broader transport network.  We will also better understand passengers’ responses to this type of vehicle and the services it can enable, like on-demand transport in off-peak times.
  • What we learn will be a direct input into our future transport planning and investment decisions to continue providing the best outcomes for transport customers across NSW.  It will also help industry develop technology, products and services to deliver improved mobility for customers.

The Smart Innovation Centre, enablers of this trial, will be providing updates through this website about how people can go for a ride on the shuttle.

Feedback about the trial can be sent to


Transport for NSW is seeking to provide seed funding and partner with industry, researchers,  local councils and businesses to develop and co-deliver a number of connected and automated vehicle trials across regional NSW. 

Trials will focus on customer mobility use cases and investigate the benefits and challenges involved in introducing emerging connected and automated vehicle technology to country NSW.

Lessons we collectively learn from these trials will help us identify and implement new, creative and better ways to deliver transport to our customers. It will also help industry develop technology, products and services that can be deployed to deliver improved mobility for customers. 

Involvement in a trial, whether you’re a local start up, major technology provider, academic institution, local council or other interested party will provide opportunities to integrate your ideas with others to develop, test and deliver innovative transport technology directly to customers.

TfNSW will work with participants who can contribute innovative technology systems and ideas in their own right or in partnership with others. 

Proposal development process

Industry Briefing

TfNSW hosted an industry briefing on the 13th of December 2017. This briefing was held in Sydney and aimed at securing interest from both regional and non-regional technology leaders and industry participants who would provide value in developing and delivering collaborative trials.

A full recording of the industry briefing and Q&A session is available below to allow those that were unable to attend to have access to the information that was provided.

Please note these videos and presentation slides are for information only and should be viewed in association with the relevant RFEOI procurement documentation. Respondents are reliant on their own inquiries and due diligence.

Regional Collaboration Events

The expression of interest process will include a number of events across regional NSW to provide collaborative forums to link partners together and enable end-to-end projects to be developed. These events will be open to any registered participant and provide an opportunity for participants to make short presentations on their interest in partnering with others to deliver a trial.

Collaboration events are planned for Wagga Wagga, Dubbo, Armidale and Coffs Harbour in early February 2018.

Please register for these collaboration events via the following links:

Online Collaboration Portal

In addition to the collaboration events being held across regional NSW in February, an Online Collaboration Portal has been established to help participants share contact details and identify potential collaborators to generate end-to-end project proposals.

If you require any support please contact

Interactive Sessions

Prior to the expression of interest process closing TfNSW will provide an opportunity for respondents to discuss their emerging proposals in interactive sessions with a panel of TfNSW stakeholders. 

Feedback will be provided in real-time to enable fast iterations and refinements. These presentation and feedback sessions will provide an opportunity to co-design trial and use case ideas with TfNSW and assist proponents in developing project proposals that deliver high quality and collaborative end-to-end trials.

Please register for an interactive sessions before COB 9 February 2018. 

Throughout the RFEOI process TfNSW will work to assist participants to identify other parties with which they could partner to develop and deliver a valuable trial.

TfNSW will be looking to enable the best trials starting from the second half of 2018.

Procurement documentation

Documents are available from the NSW e-tender website