Walking and cycling counts

The dashboards on this page provide counts of walking and cycling activity at specific sites on the NSW network where counter devices have been installed.  This data can be used to observe trends in walking and cycling numbers across a typical day or across longer time periods such as weeks, months and years. 

As these counters are only installed at selected sites, this data cannot be used to make conclusions about walking or cycling trends across the whole NSW network.

To only display data for a particular time period, or for certain days of the week, or for holiday periods, use the filters on the right side.  To select a site or set of sites, click a dot on the map, or use the filters on the right side.  The plots and totals will then adjust to display data for your selection.

Note: The number of sites will continue to increase as additional counters are installed.

Cycling Counts Dashboard

Walking Counts Dashboard

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