Western Region Sport and Active Recreation Transport Program


Project overview

The cost of transport to travel is a significant barrier for people living in the far west of the state to participate in sport and active recreation. The program will play an important role in supporting more active communities.

What is the Western Region Sport and Active Recreation Transport Program? 

The Western Region Sport and Active Recreation Program will provide funding assistance to community organisations in the far west region of NSW to enable them to participate in sports and active recreation.  

The sport and active recreation sector is community driven. Sport and active recreation contributes to community identity and cohesion creating more active, healthier communities.

Who can apply for assistance?

Organisations applying must be located within a Western Region Transport Program area of NSW (West of the Newell Highway). 

The eligible groups to apply include: 

  • sporting teams, clubs, and associations (junior and senior) 
  • active recreation clubs and/or associations (junior and senior) 
  • not-for-profit organisations providing sport and active recreation 
  • schools located in an eligible area.

Who is Chandler Macleod Managed Training Services?

Transport for NSW is partnering with Chandler Macleod Managed Training Services to provide community organisations with a service to allow them to enquire and apply for funding to attend sport and active recreation.

What can I get help with?

Transport for NSW will pay for the cost of return tickets for individuals travelling to attend training because they have been selected in a representative team, using an existing public transport services. For example, NSW TrainLink coaches and trains.

A fuel subsidy can also be accessed through this program whereby Transport for NSW will contribute to the cost of the travel. This can only be accessed via a sport and active recreation provider who is willing to provide the approved funding. No funding is paid directly to individuals by Chandler Macleod Managed Training Services.

Private transport for groups of eight or more people travelling in the same vehicle can apply for support to attend an event.

The program is not intended to be the primary source of funds for the transport provided but rather a source of funds to enable transport to be undertaken. 

What is the eligiblity criteria to apply for assistance? 

To be eligible for assistance, a group or individual must meet the following criteria:

  • travelling to a regular competition recognised by the state or controlling body or training for an individual selected in representative side
  • a journey of over 100 kilometres in one trip
  • the organisations/ and its participants must be located in a Western Region Transport Program area of NSW.

Applications must be submitted up to 14 days prior to the event and provide details including:

  • confirmation of selection training schedule or event
  • dates of travel
  • organisers’ contact details, 
  • name, age and number of people travelling
  • quote for the cost of transport or type of vehicle to be used.

Public transport, bus and fuel support can only be accessed via a local sport and active recreation provider.

They will need to complete an application and provide: 

  • A copy of the draw/ events including dates of travel and destination
  • Governing bodies contact details 
  • Team Name\age, number of people travelling 
  • Type of vehicle to be used

What is not covered by the Program? 

  • Team registration   
  • Applications from individuals  
  • Accommodation and meals 
  • Events competitions not recognised by the state or controlling body. 

How long will it take for my application to be assessed? 

Chandler Macleod Managed Training Services will verify each application and contact the oranisation applying to confirm the details with the state or a controlling body.  

Chandler Macleod Managed Training Services endeavour to process applications within seven days, however please allow up to 14 business days.

I am a sport and active recreation community organisation/provider, how do I apply?

An application form can be requested from Chandler Macleod Managed Training Services.
Chandler Macleod Managed Training Services will be happy to discuss any questions you may have. If you submit an application, please ensure you have received written approval from MTS before releasing any funds. 

Upon receipt, please provide a Tax Invoice and a copy of the approved application to Chandler Macleod on the below email as soon as possible.

Chandler Macleod Managed Training Services is available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and can be contacted on 1300 361 787 or mts@chandlermacleod.com from Monday 30 January 2023.

When will applications open and close?

Applications will be open on 30 January 2023.
Applications will stay open throughout the two-year pilot program.

Further information and feedback
For more information, please contact Donna Coady, Aboriginal Service Development Officer. 
Email: donna.coady@transport.nsw.gov.au