Speed limits - West Region - 7 September 2023

This is advanced notice of speed limit changes that will take effect within the next two weeks. Speed limits will not change until the new speed limit signs are installed. Please ensure that you always observe the posted speed limit signs on the road.

Road nameFromToLocal Government AreaCurrent speed limit km/hNew speed limit km/hReason for change
Mingelo Street/Coradgery Road, Peak Hill80 metres east of Dows Lane340 metres south-west of Dows LaneParkes5080

This change reflects the high quality of this road which permits a higher speed limit and improved travel times.

Coradgery Road, Peak Hill340 metres south-west of Dows Lane2.12 kilometres south-west of Dows LaneParkes10080

This speed limit change will improve consistency with surrounding speed limits to provide a simpler and safer road.