Western Sydney Freight Line - Stage 1


Project overview

Freight is the backbone of NSW, ensuring you get what you need when you need it. From that pair of jeans you bought online, to your daily cup of coffee – it is all made possible through the NSW freight network. The freight industry in our state is worth $66 billion to our economy every year and provides an essential service to communities and businesses across NSW.

The Western Sydney Freight Line (Stage 1) will be a dedicated freight rail line running from the future Outer Sydney Orbital (Stage 1) near Luddenham to the M7 Motorway. With the aim of reducing congestion on local roads, this new freight line will allow the transport of goods by rail across Western Sydney, linking growing industrial areas and distribution centres. The new dedicated freight rail line will also free up the Main West Rail Line to take more passenger services.

Stage 2 of the Western Sydney Freight Line is currently under investigation and will be identified to provide a link to the Southern Sydney Freight Line and Port Botany.

Key benefits

A future freight rail line corridor will:

•    Provide for a freight rail connection between Port Botany and Western Sydney via the Southern Sydney Freight Line.

•    Support the movement of container and bulk freight by rail across Greater Sydney.

•    Provide for freight rail connections to serve employment lands and future industries across the Western Sydney Airport Growth Area.

•    Free up capacity on the Main West Line to accommodate more passenger rail services.

Will the final corridor affect me?

Gazettal and rezoning of the Western Sydney Freight Line has no immediate impact on the use of your property or land and existing land uses can continue. However, any development proposed over $200,000 will need to be referred to Transport for NSW for agreement.

There is no need for the government to acquire your property until close to the time the transport infrastructure is required.