NSW Freight and Ports Plan

    Transport for NSW has started planning for the next NSW Freight and Ports Plan as part of the over-arching Future Transport Strategy.

    Transport for NSW has started planning for the next NSW Freight and Ports Plan

    The NSW Freight and Ports Strategy was released in December 2013. It was the first strategy of its kind in the State’s history, setting key objectives and initiatives, and establishing the direction of freight planning in NSW over a 20-year timeframe. 

    We have delivered a number of key areas with work well underway in many others. The Freight Report Card (PDF, 1000.97 KB) summarises progress. We committed to refreshing the NSW Freight and Ports Strategy and this will now form part of the NSW Government’s overarching Future Transport Strategy. The NSW Government is also part of the Federal Government's process to formulate a National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy.

    Future Transport is the Government's new, innovative approach to planning transport and engaging our customers. It will produce a 20 to 40-year strategy, focusing on customer needs and the technological, economic and social changes ahead. You can read more here.

    We are engaging with a range of stakeholders as part of this process. We want to work with you to lower costs, keep everybody safe, reduce impacts on community, build successful places and maximise sustainability.

    We will update this page with details of the consultation process and you can subscribe to our Freight Industry Newsletter here.

    NSW Freight and Ports Strategy

    The NSW Freight and Ports Strategy was developed in 2013 to provide a framework to guide the decisions and investments in the freight and logistics network over 20 years, with the aim of delivering a transport network that allows the efficient flow of goods to their market. The strategy aligns with broader strategic plans for the State’s transport system detailed in the Long Term Transport Master Plan.

    You can read the individual sections of the strategy below or download full copies.

    Our objectives were:

    To deliver a freight network that supports the projected growth of the NSW economy

    To balance freight needs with those of the broader community and the environment.

    Find out more in the Introduction. (PDF, 923.93 KB)

    Freight is worth nearly $60 billion a year to the NSW and national economies and employs almost half a million people, directly or indirectly. The scale of the transport task is already formidable and by 2031, freight volumes in NSW are forecast to almost double to 794 million tonnes.

    For NSW to sustain healthy economic growth, the capacity and performance of our freight transport network must develop ahead of demand.

    Find out more in Understanding the Current and Future Freight Task. (PDF, 4.2 MB)

    We consulted extensively with NSW and Australian Government departments, local government organisations, NSW transport operating agencies, specialist transport entities and industry to develop this strategy.

    Find out more in Partnership between Government and Industry. (PDF, 1.53 MB)