Future Mobility Testing and Research Centre


The Transport for NSW Future Mobility Testing and Research Centre in Cudal will become a world-class proving ground for new and emerging technology.

Testing and evaluating new technologies in a controlled, safe environment is essential to ensure NSW is ready to integrate future technology such as connected and automated vehicles (CAVs), and zero emission vehicles.

Our Cudal facility operates as proving ground for testing the performance and safety of vehicles and other transport technology on our network.

The facility provides a variety of road environments for our on-site engineers to evaluate and test driver assist technology including autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist, and speed assist systems.

The Future Mobility Testing and Research Centre is on the site of a former airstrip and occupies approximately 32 hectares. On site facilities include:

  • extensive workshops, including three converted aeroplane hangers
  • offices, fully serviced with amenities
  • 24/7 on-site security
  • a 1.6 km test track offering:
    • surface exceeding 0.9 friction coefficient
    • permanent lane markings to meet a range of test requirements
    • longitudinal gradient at or below 1% and crossfall less than 2%
    • sufficient length and width for emergency run-off in case of failure
    • excellent drainage
    • artificial lighting to simulate night-time driving conditions.

Future development plans for the facility, including 5G integration in early 2022, will allow technicians to test and refine emerging technologies such as vehicle-to-traffic signal communications and complex vehicle-to-vehicle systems.

Key facility benefits

The Future Mobility Testing and Research Centre offers benefits for both industry and community including:

  • allowing industry leads to create and execute complex and sophisticated vehicle test scenarios providing time and cost savings to help accelerate product development
  • investing in testing equipment, road and infrastructure allows the facility to act as a five-star safety testing centre for ANCAP, in addition to the Transport for NSW established CrashLab facility at Huntingwood, NSW
  • enabling more vehicles to be tested under Australian market conditions instead of overseas market conditions, where many vehicles continue to have their safety ratings accessed
  • the Future Mobility Testing and Assurance team providing support for the NSW AV trial framework. The AV trial framework enables the approval of CAV trials on the NSW road network through existing legislative pathways. Through the framework we can provide government validated testing and assurance for new CAV technology. This is a unique opportunity for industry to showcase their ability for deployment into other markets.

Images and videos

View images and videos of the Future Mobility Testing and Research Centre site facilities, equipment, and testing operations.