Connected and Automated Vehicles

When it comes to the future of transport, CAVs are a key global focus.

The technology driving these vehicles is progressing rapidly and, here in NSW, we not only want to be ready to harness the technology but develop our own pioneering ideas.

That’s why we’ve established a $10 million fund for additional trials over the next four years. The trials are being enabled through Transport for NSW’s Smart Innovation Centre and will be underpinned by our CAV Plan, which outlines how we will support the adoption and safe use of CAVs in NSW.

We want to continue to work with global leaders in the area of CAV technologies, to adapt and apply global advancements and service models to NSW conditions to provide the best outcomes  for our customers.

Why CAVs? Because the potential benefits are enormous and include improved road safety with the reduction of human error, increased efficiency that are likely to result in significant public savings. The emergence of these new types of shared, flexible and on-demand services will enable greater productivity for freight businesses, and positive impacts on liveability, health and environment.

We are also exploring the use of aerial drones. Using drones will affords us important benefits including live video of incidents that can provide real time and accurate information to first responders, assist in congestion management and help maintain our roads and infrastructure.