CAV Trials case study

We have seen, that if well planned and managed, CAV’s have the ability to support transport services, improve road safety, alleviate congestion and improve productivity and liveability.

CAVs have already begun transforming mobility in cities like San Francisco, Boston, Singapore and Paris and in November 2018 NSW has three highly automated vehicle trials underway.

Transport for NSW is enabling collaborative trials and testing of CAVs to ensure the technology, our infrastructure and communities are ready.

Sydney Olympic Park

In May 2017, a trial of the state’s first automated Smart Shuttle began at Sydney Olympic Park. The Navya shuttle can carry up to 12 passengers at a time, giving an enthusiastic and curious public the chance to experience the technology first-hand while simultaneously providing us with their valuable insights.

This trial is being delivered in collaborative partnership with HMI Technologies, NRMA, IAG, Telstra, Sydney Olympic Park Authority and UTS.

Armidale and Coffs Harbour

We have also partnered with industry, researchers, local councils and businesses on Australian-first regional trials in Armidale and Coffs Harbour. Local community involvement will ensure that the specific requirements, challenges including infrastructure readiness; and local operator considerations are front and centre of each regional trial. Working together for successful place-making and social benefits is a key focus for exploring the introduction of CAVs to regional NSW.

The shuttles will operate in real world environments with increasing levels of complexity, use level four fully automated vehicles and carry up to 12 passengers per vehicle.

The Armidale trial is being conducted in collaboration with Armidale Regional Council, Easy Mile, the University of New England, Transdev, WSP, and Edwards Coaches. This trial focuses on improved transport experiences for students accessing the university campus, reducing reliance on private vehicle commutes within the CBD and showcase the New England Regional Arts Museum as a cultural destination.  

In Coffs Harbour, our partners are Busways, Coffs Harbour City Council, Easy Mile, Via and Southern Cross University targeting improved recreational visits and tourism along the Northern Breakwall, connecting the Coffs Harbour International Marina and Muttonbird Island while also connecting the Marian Grove Retirement Village and other commuters with the CBD and transport links. 

“The ultimate goal of the trial is to find the best way to harness the next generation of driverless technology and how to make it work for NSW whilst improving safety and reliability”

The Hon. Andrew Constance MP., Minister for Transport and Infrastructure


“We’re on the cusp of optimising our road infrastructure with emerging technologies including driverless vehicles making our roads safer, more efficient and enhancing mobility for customers”

The Hon. Melinda Pavey, MP. Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight


“This is incredibly exciting for Armidale and our region. This puts us at the cutting edge of world automated transport and the eyes of Australia will be on us”

Adam Marshall, Northern Tablelands MP


“As private operators we find it really helps us engage, not only with Transport for NSW, but also other partners to bring the best outcome for customers”

Kathy Lazanas, Director Corporate Affairs & Communications, Transdev


“We’re really excited to be working with the NSW Government to trial this first autonomous vehicle here in Sydney”

Dean Zabrieszach, CEO HMI Technologies Australia


“EasyMile is very passionate about deploying our vehicle in regional NSW. Coffs Harbour offers a unique ability to not only deploy in a regional area, but also to deploy our fleet management solution in an on-demand capacity”

Simon Pearce, Head of EasyMile Asia-Pacific


“The way we travel is constantly evolving, not just in the big cities but in all towns and villages. This trial will explore the future of transport for rural and regional communities, while getting feedback from local users

Byron Rowe, Busways Group Managing Director