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TZP22 data cautions

The TZP22 dataset represents one view of the future aligned with the NSW Government’s Common Planning Assumptions and population and economic projections. 

The TZP projections are not based on specific assumptions about future new transport infrastructure but do take into account known land-use developments underway or planned, and strategic plans.

  • TZP22 is a strategic state-wide dataset and caution should be exercised when considering results at detailed breakdowns
  • The TZP22 outputs represent a point in time set of projections
  • The projections are not government targets
  • Travel Zone (TZ) level outputs are projections only and should be used as a guide. As with all small area data, aggregating of travel zone projections to higher geographies leads to more robust results
  • As a general rule, TZ-level projections are illustrative of a possible future only
  • More specific advice about data reliability for the specific variables projected is provided in the “Read Me” page of the Excel format summary spreadsheets on the TfNSW Open Data Hub
  • The projections do not incorporate results from the 2021 ABS Census, as the relevant data had not been released at the time of TZP22 production.
  • More information about TZP22 can be found in the Summary Factsheet  (PDF, 775.13 KB)

TZP22 data link – Open Data Hub