iMOVE CRC partnership

Partnering to drive growth through research and innovation

Transport for NSW are proud to be partners of the Australian Transport Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), known as the iMOVE CRC. The iMOVE CRC is a national intelligent transport research and development centre which aims to enable a coordinated approach to Australian transport research.

The transport and mobility sector is a central part of the Australian economy, underpinning almost all sectors of the economy, including agriculture, mining, retail and services. The iMOVE CRC has been established in recognition that Australia faces some of the toughest transportation challenges in the world.

The iMOVE CRC is a consortium of 44 industry, government, and research partners engaged in a concerted 10-year effort to improve Australia’s transport systems through collaborative R&D projects. It will help companies and Australia become more competitive, productive, and prosperous.