Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering (DE) is revolutionising the construction industry. Emerging technologies are enabling more collaborative and productive methods of project delivery and management throughout an asset’s lifecycle.

The Digital Engineering Framework accelerates this potential for Transport for NSW (Transport) by connecting these emerging technologies with reliable and structured data. By supporting projects as they adopt new digital ways of working, Transport embeds its commitment to becoming a data-centric organisation, which will shape smart cities for generations to come.

The Digital Engineering Framework

The ways assets are planned, designed, constructed, operated and maintained are becoming faster and more streamlined as a result of emerging technologies. However, implementation of these new processes becomes more complicated when applied to an intricate multi-modal network such as Transport.

The DE Framework brings together various project disciplines from across the project lifecycle, to establish a consistent, structured and reusable approach to the way data is created and maintained. This reliable data enables digital information to become a key enabler of informed decision making and better project outcomes, standardising and simplifying our processes across the Transport modes.

Applying a unified approach accelerates the value of DE, and simplifies new digital ways of working for both our project teams and industry. It provides valuable insights, creating efficiencies and delivers cost savings throughout the project lifecycle.

When this approach is adopted across all project disciplines, data carries beyond the project lifecycle stages, offering unprecedented insights across the portfolio.

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Project Data Building Blocks - Connecting Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies are enhancing project outcomes and producing data and information at rates we’ve never seen before. However, this creates its own unique challenges. When data is restricted within Project disciplines, the full value can never be realised.

The DE Framework solves this by creating a universal system for defining data and relating information to assets through all stages of a project lifecycle. We call this the Project Data Building Blocks. Watch the video below to find out more.

The NSW Digital Engineering Services Prequalification Scheme

For Australian Government organisations looking to engage DE services, or industry partners who would like to simplify the engagement process - the NSW Digital Engineering Services Prequalification Scheme is now available. Find out more

Digital Engineering Framework in action

The DE Framework is currently being utilised by projects across every Transport mode. We’re working closely with projects to capture lessons learned and feedback to make sure the DE Framework is practical and scalable to all Transport divisions and agencies.

Take a look at how the Transport Access Program has applied the DE Framework.