Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering (DE) connects emerging technologies with reliable structured data. It enables more collaborative and productive methods of project delivery and management of assets through the lifecycle compared to those traditionally utilised.

By ‘building our assets twice’ first virtually and then physically, DE has the power to provide valuable insights, create efficiencies and deliver cost savings to every decision we make.

Creating a data-centric network

While success with DE has been realised within industry, implementation becomes more complicated when applied to an intricate multi-modal network such as Transport for NSW (Transport).

As we deliver the largest transport infrastructure program this nation has ever seen, Transport is committed to establishing ourselves as a data-centric organisation, making informed decisions that will shape smart cities for generations to come.

The Digital Engineering Framework

The success of DE is dependent on consistent and reliable data and information that’s managed as an asset, and maintained throughout project delivery and asset operations and maintenance. That is why consistent and scalable processes are vital. 

To achieve DE’s full benefits, Transport is committed to making more informed, data-driven decisions, with the development of the DE Framework. We’re striving to create a unified, reliable and reusable approach to DE and support its implementation throughout our organisation.

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Learn more about the DE Framework and how it’s being rolled out at Transport.

About the DE Framework

Transport for NSW DE Framework Connecting Smarter Award

DE is fast becoming one of the most powerful tools to innovate our industry. Transport for NSW recognises the value of DE and the critical need to create a consistent, reusable approach.  
Showcase your DE success for your chance to win.   

Initiated in 2018, the DE Framework Connecting Smarter Award provides industry with the opportunity to showcase their DE innovations, achievements and latest capabilities. 

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