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TfNSW Standards Program – FY 2022/2023

On the 12th September the Asset Management Branch hosted an Industry briefing on the TfNSW Standards Program – FY 2022/2023 with around 240 attendees from Industry.  

This briefing session outlined our technical and asset standards development program for the next three years. Our technical leaders provided an overview of each of their programs and the key initiatives that they have identified across all modes of transport.

It was an opportunity for Industry to hear where we see the key opportunities for improvement in our standards are, and for Industry to provide their feedback on our plans for the future.

Click here to see the presentation (PDF, 2.35 MB).

Industry engagement

Transport for NSW is committed to an open, transparent, and collaborative relationship with industry. TfNSW provides collaborative, supportive frameworks within which the Technically Assured Organisations (TAOs) can deliver safe, effective, and efficient projects. We work with organisations wanting to become TAOs and we provide guidance on competency frameworks, as well as working with industry to develop a collaborative and knowledgeable framework.

Product Type Approval

Transport for NSW has embarked on a strategic initiative to standardise the process by which products are approved for use across the cluster and other jurisdictions, across mode of transport and asset classes.

Read more about Product Type Approvals here.

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