Asset Management Branch


The Asset Management Branch (AMB), is the authority on network design and standards for transport assets across NSW.

The AMB is responsible for developing engineering governance and frameworks to support industry delivery in assurance of design, safety, integrity, construction and commissioning of transport assets for the whole asset life cycle.

The AMB is also responsible for providing the standards that industry organisations can use to deliver projects and manage transport assets across NSW in a more innovative, safe, and efficient manner.

The AMB (formerly ASA) is governed by a Charter (PDF, 597.57 KB), updated August 2015, which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the AMB. Clause 16 of the Charter allows “decisions and instructions of the ASA will be reviewable in accordance with an externally published review process.” (8SA-PR-003 Procedure for Internal Review of ASA Decisions (PDF, 176.94 KB) and 8SA-PR-049 Procedure for External Review of ASA Decisions (PDF, 130.01 KB)).

The core responsibilities of the Asset Management Branch are supported by our key functions.