Technical Supplier Assurance (TSA) Framework

Technical Supplier Assurance Framework

The Technical Supplier Assurance (TSA) Framework document outlines the arrangements for the development, implementation and management of technical outcomes for transport assets.

The framework focuses on the supply of technical services and products to TfNSW and defines the assurance required to give justified confidence that the technical aspects of an asset or service change have been appropriately considered and conducted.

The intent of the framework is to provide assurance that technically capable organisations and technically competent individuals are working on our assets.

The framework is available here (PDF, 1 MB) and FAQ (PDF, 408.88 KB).

The framework is underpinned by the Technically Assured Organisation (TAO) Scheme which recognises organisations technical capability. Entities that seek to provide self-assured engineering and asset services to Transport are required to become a TAO.

Details of the TAO Authorisation Scheme are available here (PDF, 887.41 KB).

TfNSW Technical Supplier Assurance Framework Industry Briefing 30 November 2021

The transition to the Technical Supplier Assurance Framework and Technically Assured Organisation Scheme was announced on 30 November 2021. The presentation pack is available here (PDF, 3.84 MB).

TfNSW:  TAO Annual Review - Industry Briefing - 14 December 2022

Last year we committed to review the TSA Framework and TAO Scheme on an annual basis. A report back on progress against our priorities for 2022, and an overview of the changes to the TSA Framework and the TAO Scheme was announced on 14 December 2022. The presentation pack is available here (PDF, 2.68 MB).