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Asset Management



Signals and control systems

Aspect Sequences with High Speed Turnouts (PDF, 949.83 KB)

CSEE UM71 Track Circuit Test and Investigation Guideline (PDF, 1 MB)

Control of Trains Approaching Catch Points, Buffer Stops and Short Overlaps (PDF, 527.14 KB)

Signalling Surge Protection Installation Guidelines (PDF, 880.79 KB)

LED Signals Controlled by Relay Circuits (PDF, 289.8 KB)

Signalling Supply Adjustment Guideline (PDF, 527.21 KB)

Aspect Controls and Indications in CBI Systems with Relay Interface (PDF, 553.18 KB)

Interface Agreement between Signal Engineering and Bridges & Structures Engineering (PDF, 760.64 KB)

Interface Agreement between Signal Engineering and Electrical Engineering (PDF, 906.18 KB)

Interface Agreement between Signal Engineering and Track Engineering (PDF, 322.63 KB)

Interface Agreement between Signals & Control Systems and Condition Monitoring Systems, C&CS (PDF, 744.67 KB)

Quick Release of Approach Locking (PDF, 1.14 MB)

Interface Agreement between Signals and Communications and Control System Division (PDF, 880.46 KB)

AMS Project Specifications


SIRI documents


Human Factors


The following list provides some sources of information that may be of use in understanding and applying human factors, human factors integration and ergonomics. Some sources include various tools and techniques for conducting human factors evaluations.

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