Community Improvement District Pilot Program

The Community Improvement District (CID) Pilot Program is a $5.25 million multi-round grant program led by the NSW Government.

The program is designed to deliver trial CIDs across NSW that test the viability of diverse governance models and strengthen local place economy.

CIDs are business-led place-based partnerships that bring businesses together to support and grow local economies, high streets and centres. They enhance local trading environments, encouraging people to get out into their local neighbourhoods and retail centres to enjoy local goods, services and activities on foot.

These trials will drive collaborative placemaking, involving property owners and local businesses in curating and growing local economies, whilst accelerating public-private partnerships in centres across NSW. 

The CID Pilot Program will develop an evidence base that will help to inform a consistent state-wide approach to CID policy in NSW.

The funding pool for the first round of the CID Pilot Program has increased from $2.75 million to $3.75 million.

Preliminary applications for the CID Pilot Program round 1 are closed. Successful applicants are expected to be announced in April 2024.

Details about future funding rounds for the CID Pilot Program will be announced soon.

Community Improvement District Pilot Program Forum 

Transport for NSW held a virtual Forum on Tuesday, 31 October 2023. 

The Forum provided an opportunity for interested parties and stakeholders to gain insights on the Community Improvement District model through local and international perspectives, and to hear more about the Community Improvement District Pilot Program.

A recording of the Forum is now available to watch and share with your colleagues.


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